Monday, March 16, 2015

Personal Progress in Abancay

March 16, 2015
Hola familia!!
        Sorry for not explaining the machete thing.  (This was the title to Emma’s letter last week and then she never addressed in her letter kinda left us hanging but we figured she was ok )
Hermana Holland was fixing her sock and then I saw this creepy man walking toward us with a machete.  He had a really weird smile on his face.  I wasn´t going to say anything at first because He was kind of far away, but  Hermana Holland took longer than usual fixing her sock and he got closer and closer so I had to say something, and that’s what I said.  Haha It wasquite calm and I was proud of myself.  Luckily we were by Carolina´s so we just ran inside.        Abanacy is having a little bit of a strike so this might be a little shorter than usual.  First responses.  Oh primero I got a package from my favorite family and a valentine from my dear grandma and grandpa! Thank you guys it was awesome to receive.  I have pictures but I don´t think i´m going to download them today because we aren´t in are usual internet café.  But thank you for the package!!  Mom don´t worry Carolina has her personal progress book and is probably the most active member of the young womens.  WE have talked to her mom a lot about personal progress and Carolina is already doing it.  Her goal is the temple and mission.  So WHOO! Hannah you asked if we do anything fun at night.  We are usual out teaching until 8:30 every night and then we eat dinner and are at home at 9.  Every Friday night we have a ward activity and Monday night we have family home eveving with the ysa in the branch.  Those nights are fun but honestly everynight we usually have fun!  There´s always something crazy that happens. Tamburco is more of the country of Abancay so its very tranquilo.            Last P day was the best!!  We have the best Hermana leaders here. Hermana Chipunavi and Hermana  Hunter.  They are hilarious and we love spending time with them.  We went to some hot springs in Abancay.  I guess you could call it a mini hike.  It was super fun and I have some really cool pictures.   At one point we had to jump over a river and slide down some rocks on our bottoms, so I guess you can say it was pretty legit.  There also was a wild bull which by the shinanigans of Hermana Chipunavi and Hermana Hunter, we got pass unharmed.  But it was quite the adventure!          Also this week I got attacked by a dog. Luckily I escaped without a scratch but he did have a strong grip on my skirt.  It was pretty terrifying but actually funny now.  The owner came out and literally didn´t do anything or say anything.  Sometimes Its hard not to say anything back.         Bueno, this week was really hard one.  Lots of people are not at home.  WE have some really great humble investigators who want to change but they have a hard time finding time.  I know that if they just had time they would be converted!  But we did see a lot of miracles too.  Yesterday we had a lesson with a family, Monica and Edgar.  WE taught them the plan of salvation and they were so attentive!  Near the end they asked us what they had to do to be baptized!  I love that question.  We told them right up front tha  first they had to get married and they said they would start saving for it.  This family is so great! Edgar had a dream after reading one of the pamphlets we left him and he knows that the church is true. They only thing with them is time.  Monica works 15 hours every day in a factory making cookies.  This is one of the hard things about poverty.  But we keep praying that some how they will find the time and we can teach them.  I love this family and think that we could see a wedding and a baptism real soon.         I was reading in the book of Mormon this week and really liked the chapter in 2 Nephi 26.   Especially verses 24, and 26.  It talks about Christ and how he is always there for us.  His hand is always extended towards us.  Everything that he does and did for us was because He loved and loves us so much.   It is not Him that leaves us,  it is us that leaves Him.  If we only understood how much he cares about us, I know that we would truly accept him and make the necessary changes in our lives.   I am grateful for His love and His mercy and I am truly learning what it really means to apply the doctrine of Christ in my life.   This life is not easy , but it is possible when we grab on to the Savior´s outstretched hand and invite him into our lives.
Val Here : and that is the end of her letter.  Not sure what happened but that is all we got this week! 

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