Monday, April 20, 2015

Come What May and Love IT

Hola familia.

Buenooo.  Some niño just pulled the plug on the computer and turned it
off and I lost three pages of the email I was going to send you all.
It was a really good one too.   Ahhh.  Ohwell  Come what may and love
it, right? .

Now I have to be a little less specific.

Primero, congrats Sophie!  I’m super happy for you and think that you
will be a great SBO secretary!  The sandbergs are from California!!  I
think they are awesome! They have seven kids and this is their second
mission.  Six of their kids served missions.  One of their daughters
was a track star at the Y and another was a Rockette!  Elder sandberg
was recently released as the President of the rama and they now attend
a different rama with a different calling.  I miss them.  Sometimes
its nice to have a little bit of America.

Politics in Peru are Crazy.  On election days you are allowed to hold
other meetings so that means that Church is canceled.  People paint
their houses with the candidates name that they are supporting.   It
can be a little crazy but its mostly because you are required to vote.

To Sophie’s question about having a relation ship with Christ.  I
believe it comes as we apply His doctorine.  As we have faith in the
atonement unto repentance.  I also like also in the scriptures are
Savior is described as our Advocate and Mediator.  We have the ability
to pray to God because Of the sacrifice of Christ.  I really like the
scripture in Mateo 11:27 that says to know the Father,  we have to
know the Son.   And to know the both of them is Eternal Life. J

Ungoogable facts about Peru!.

1.        Chuño.  Its rotten potato and people eat it.  Look it up for
me please!  I have only had it twice.  The first time wasn’t bad but
the second time was a full plate.  I couldn’t hardly swallow it.  Its
so terrible.  Hermana Campoverde couldn’t stop laughing as I tried to
get this down.  Luckily Hermana Rene wasn’t there to see, but Let it
be known that I did finish it.  I absolutely do not like it.

2.       Sometimes Peruvians name cookies names that we wouldn’t give
them in the states. Like Coco Bum or Kraps.  It’s the best to be
teaching in a store and people come in asking if they have mini kraps.
   Also it needs to be pointed out that Kraps are like Ritz
crackers…just a little more…. Well krappy. J

3.       The Nacho libre rumor is true.  They love their mayonnaise
with anything!  They sell potato chips with little packets of
mayonnaise attached.  And this morning we had corn on the cob and
Hermana campoverde asked if there was any mayonnaise.

Well this week has been the most exhausting but most rewarding week in
the mission.  We had 10 families that we contacted and 10 new
investigators.  We worked so hard this week.  Hna campoverde is the
best!  She is so positive even when millions of appointments fall
through she keeps going.  She got really introduced to the Mud of
Abancay this week.  We crossed a field to visit a members house and
she stepped in a huge well hidden mud puddle worthy of the world’s
biggest pig.  The mud covered her whole shoe and luckily the members
were home and we were able to clean it.  She just smiled and laughed
the whole time about it.  I love her attitude!  She also has really
good English.  We have been going to English class three times a week!
 I am really impressed with her English accent and everything.  This
week I tried to pray in English to help her and I  couldn’t do it.   I
couldn’t pray in English!  She helps me a lot with my Spanish and is
really really patient!  In English class this week I ended up singing
the Cougar fight song twice every class.  The Elders really like it
and its just hilarious to sing it for them.  We are going to teach
them it!  Maybe I’ll send a video!!

WE had conference with President this week!  It was the best!  WE have
the best mission president and wife ever!  Hna Harbertson talked about
the first two great commandments and how we should love our companion.
It was really so good!  She shared a quote from someone but I can’t
remember who, but he said that Abinidi Loved King Noah.  I thought
this was so cool.  It was true that Abinidi loved king Noah.  He did
as much as he could to preach him the Gospel.  He even gave his life
to try to help King Noah.    She also said that no one should leave
your presence without feeling that they have been ministered by Jesus
Christ.  I love this because its just so true.  We should love
everyone and we should treat everyone they way that Christ would treat
them.  At times its hard.  Like when I kid unplugs your thirty minute
worth of email, or when appointment falls through and you confirmed it
two hours before.  But it doesn’t matter.  We still have to love.
Hermana Harbertson said that we will never become a God and we will
never be happy in this life if we can’t learn to live the two first
great commandments.   I love this thought and want to try extra hard
to love everyone the way that God loves them.   President talked about
teaching repentance.  He is really inspired and I love listening to
him.   I wish I could just tell you guys everything!  But later J

Anyways this week was really good! Our agenda’s for next week our
packed full and I am excited for the families we contacted and the
work we are going to do!  This change is flying by and I wish time
would slow down for a second!.  I love this gospel and I love what I
am learning about the Doctrine of Christ on my mission.  Missionary
work is amazing!  I know that Christ is our Savior and that through
Him we can return to live with our Father again.

Love you all so much!!

Hermana Russell

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