Monday, April 13, 2015

New companion!!

Hola Familia!!!
Its super, super cold here in Abancay!!  I can´t imagine going to Puno
or elsewhere.  I loved everyone´s letters from last week! You guys are
all the best!  Conference was amazing! I loved it and can´t wait to
study the talks a little more.  The image of mom cheering for me was
the best.  I love you mom!!  And I expect next time for you all to
stand and cheer.  J Annyoo what you said dad about the potatoes is
true and eggs.  I have only seen eggs one way which is fried, (Yes I
have eaten a few fried eggs sandwiches and thought of you dad) and
Potatoes two ways, French fries and just sliced and baked.  J I think
I want to teach them out to make mash potatoes.  Hannah asked me for
my highlights and lowlights.  Highlight:  Hermana Campoverde Lowlight:
Losing my mission mom, Hermana Holland.  I wish we could be in a trio.
Hahah but this week was really good. I don’t have too much to say

Hermana Holland left early Tuesday morning.  It was a tearful good
bye.  I miss her a lot and I miss English a little.  Lisbenia stayed
with me for all of Tuesday and in the morning Wednesday until my new
compi arrived.  LIsbenia was really patient with me and put up with
all my nerves.  I was so nervous to get a new companion.  But Hermana
Campoverde is the best!!  She is sooo cool and so patient with my
Spanish.  She is from Ecuador and has 5 sisters!  She is the third.
She is hilarious and I already love her so much.  She is very obedient
and we get along really well.  I am going to learn so much from her.
She is a great teacher and a great contacter.   Her English is also
really really good.  She has studied it on her mission and she really
tries to use it.  She says things like “Yes” a lot.  It kind of sounds
like a napoleon dynamite kind of yes but I love it.  She can say ‘what
is your problem?” and “where are we going?”  I am going to teach her
how to pray and bear her testimony…… If I can remember.  I am losing
my English rapido.  I have a new district leader from texas and I
can’t even speak English to him.  Hermana Campoverde asks me how to
pronounce words in the book of mormon and I literally can’t .  she
always says “Oh its pronounced the same?” and I’m like “no…sorry I
have no idea”  IT takes me awhile to think about it.  Anyways she came
from Sicuani and knows HErmana Cooper really well!  I think she
brought the freezing cold with her.  I am super excited for this
change!  Even though I miss and love and adore hermana Holland, it’s
easier to work with a latina because people  aren’t scared of us in
the streets.  J  so contacting is a lot less scary.   She is just so
nice and I can’t wait for this change.  She likes to laugh and work
and work out.  Man I am so sore!  She has p90x dvds and now its super
fun to work out in the mornings.  She is just the best!!

Well I don’t have a lot to say this week but I love the book of mormon
challenge.  I am learning so much.  I love King Benjamin and his talk.
I love what he says about service in chapter 2.  We could serve the
Lord with our whole soul and heart and strength and we would still be
in dept to him.  And all that he requires of us is to be obedient and
when we are obedient he blesses us.  Immediately!  I am not serving a
mission to try to repay him, that’s impossible, but I am serving a
mission to learn how to serve others, how to love others, and how to
bring the gospel to many people.  I am so grateful for Heavenly Father
and all he has given us.  I wish there was some way I could pay him
back but I know that all he asks of us is to keep the commandments.  I
also love the phrase in Mosiah 2:36 “Guide you in wisdoms path”.  This
is one of the jobs of the Holy Ghost and I love this phrase.  When we
serve others and keep the commandments, The spirit can be with us.
The spirit will guide us in our lives.  I also love that it is not
Father in Heaven who moves away from us, it is us who move away from
Him.   Wow I just love the Book of Mormon and the Prophets in it.  I
know it’s true and I love teaching about it.  At the ends of really
hard days it’s the greatest thing to read in the Book of Mormon and
discover that I’m not the only one who had days or weeks like that.  I
know that the book was written for us in this time and I hope that we
take advantage of this great gift from God.

Well sorry it’s a little shorter this week! I promise I’ll write more
later J  Love you all so much!  Thank you for the examples and

Love Hermana Russell
Hermana Russell and her new companion Hermana Campoverde

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