Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Going to Puno!

I have a change!!!!  WHAT!! I am going to Puno!!!  I will tell you
more next week!  I want to go but at the same time I can´t say good
bye to Rene and Carolina!  This is the hardest part about the mission
for sure!!

Yeah okay! HOla familia!!!

This week has been one of the best!  I have had the best time with
Hermana Campoverde here.  I think I am going to live in Ecuador with
her and never come home. Haha Chiste!! But gosh I love her!

We have had a great week! It started with a Family Home evening with
Rene.  It was the best!  The kids loved the FUN FETTI cake!!  Pictures
included!  We invited a Hermana that is visiting from Lima.  She is
new here working on her nursing major and doesn´t know anyone.  She is
so darling and single…..soooo we played a little role as a match maker
and invited our ward mission leader…  I didn't think he would come but
he came!  It was the best.  I have never seen Juan with anything but a
soccer jersey and a white shirt on Sunday, but he showed up to the
house with a nice button up shirt and his hair all combed.  It was the
best!  We gave a little thought and then made cookies and then played
a super fun game.  Afterwards we made Juan accompany fiorella to her
house, but disappointingly he did not ask for her number….  It was
great.  Maybe we can´t date but we can sure help others! I love being
a missionary!

WE visited a menos activos named Carlota this week.  We taught her a
really short lesson and then we helped her feed her chickens.  While
we fed her chickens she started cutting wood.  While she was cutting
wood she totally fell asleep!  Standing up and everything!  She is
such a hardworker and she does so much for her family!  She is tiny
but so strong!  We are slowly reactivating her but it is taking

This week we have been focusing on contacting and finding new
investigators.  I have loved it because when a appointment falls
through we knock on doors and find people.  This week we went by one
of the people we contacted , but she was just leaving so we decided to
go and try to find another family we had contacted.  While we were
walking up this hill I decided to say a little prayer that we could
find someone to teach in this time.  Well we went to where we thought
this family lived and knocked.  A girl opened the window and we asked
if this family lived here, but she said that she would come out.  So
she came out and said that this family didn´t live here but
surprisingly she invited us in!  and her husband was there.  So we
were able to teach this family.  It was the best.  I know that God
answered my prayer in this moment.  I have been trying to work on
having more exact faith.  So I have been saying each morning…  yah
vamos a encontrar a Nuevo!  And you know what! It has worked!  It´s
amazing what God can do with your faith.  And sometimes we don’t just
find one we find two or three!

Well I am really sad to leave because this week we found another
Carolina.   She lives arriba with her grandparents and she is so
sweet.  We taught her lesson one and she understood it really well!  I
think she has great potential.   While we were up there visiting them
her grandpa walked by and coudn´t stop saying Gringa gringa!! Hahah
we just laughed and  laughed.  Later we took pictures with his cow….
Hermana Campoverde has them but I will send them when I can.

Did I mention that Hermana cooper is coming to Abancay to be Hermana
Campoverde´s companion!  PARTY IN Abancay!

I can´t believe my time is done in Abancay. I have loved every moment
and I have especially loved this change. Hermana Campoverde is the
best. We have become such great friends. Hermana Cooper and Hermana
Campoverde are going to be an amazing companionship and just what the
area needs. Thanks for such great companions. I am excited for Puno!
WHOO! It´s going to be the greatest!
This week I have studied a lot about the Book of Mormon. I have been
thinking a lot about a question that Predicad asks us. Its how has the
book of mormon influenced our testimony of the Savior. I have been
pondering this all week and think that for me the book of Mormon is
everything that holds my testimoney together. It contains the doctrine
of Jesus Christ! It helps me return to my Father and my Savior. I have
truly grown to love that book. I have been trying to study the bible a
little more, but everytime I am drawn back to the clear doctrine that
you can find in the Book of Mormon. How grateful I am for the
Restoration! I love the change in the mission with the contacting
because I feel like we have talked to many people and we have found
ourselves declaring the Restoration a little more. My testimony of
the Restored gospel has grown a lot this week.

Emma, Hermana Rene, Hermana Campoverde, Rene's children
New Investigator
Grandpa and the Cow


Hermana Russell and the Cow

Sebastian and the Funfetti cake!

Blind Date with new move in and the ward mission leader Juan!

Emma, Carolina and Hermana Campoverde
strange man in the background
Elders, The Sandbergs, Hermana Russell and Hermana Campoverde

Sweet Companions

Hermana Sandberg

Hermana Hunter, Russell and Campoverde, Tall, Medium and Small

Saying good bye at the bus station

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