Monday, May 25, 2015


May 25, 2015
Hola Familia!!

I have so much to say this week!  I arrived in safety to Puno after a
8 hour bus ride… super fun! But I am here in this Beautiful place.
Our area is name Huascar, for you gringos it’s pronounced like Nascar
but with a w instead of an N. My companion is named Hermana Quezada.
She is from Ecuador and a convert. She is amazing!  She is always
happy and smiling.  She always looks for ways to serve me and I
honestly love her so much already!  Secret: She goes home in June so
she only has one change,  I will be ¨killing her¨.  Hahah but she
still works normal and has a great attitude.

We are the only missionaries in the Ward!!  Yes it’s a ward and a stake.
It’s wonderful but still needs a lot of growing and progression.   The
name of the stake is Bellavista. We live in a really beautiful home
with a 87 year old catholic lady.   We call her the Abuelita and she
is so sassy!  She comes up to about my elbow and is the tiniest thing.
We often do odd jobs for her but I kind of love it.  One day this week
we left the keys in the house so we rang her doorbell  so that she
would let us in.  She poked her head out of the window and we told her
we left the keys inside.  She then said ¨well you´ll just have to
spend the night out there then!¨ Sassy!  Anyways the only problem of
our apartment is that we have to go downstairs  go outside in the
backyard and then enter in another room to go to the bathroom…  It
wouldn´t be that bad but it’s so cold here and it’s just freezing to
leave in the morning or in the night for that matter.  I honestly love
it though.  We only have water for one hour in the mornings so I have
gotten pretty good at flushing the toilet with a bucket of water.
While one of us is showering the other one fills up various buckets
with water.    Haha Its great.   I love where we live but with the
funeral  and everything that happened a couple weeks ago I have a fear
that we might find the Abuelita one morning…  Oh I guess we will just
worry about that later. But everything else is great!

We pension at two different places.  One for breakfast and dinner and
one for lunch.  They are both awesome and cook really good.  I don´t
know if it as healthy as Hermana Rene but it’s really good.  They both
eat with us and talk to us a lot so it’s always fun.

One ungoogable fact , and I don´t know if I have mentioned this, but
sometimes you drink jello.  I guess it can be a really hot drink so
lots of people give it to us.  Also, If someone asks if you want
water it could mean a number of things… lemonade, chica morada, apple
juice.  They call everything agua and the same with cookie..  cookie
doesn´t ever mean cookie, it usually means a package of Kraps…. Hahah

Anyhoo.  President came this weekend to the stake conference and we
had interviews with him in our  apartment.  I love Presidente and
Hermana Harbertson.  They are the best.  President Harbertson is such
an inspired man and the interview was awesome.  The mission is
changing and there are great things in store for this area.  We have
new normas de exelencia that are really going to help this mission
progress.  I am so excited!  I can see so much growth and potential in
this area.  It´s a little different than Tamburco.  Different problems
and situations but it’s amazing here!  We are going to see some amazing

I just want to leave you guys with a testimony of this work.  We are
in the Lord´s work and I hope that even at home you guys are doing all
you can to invite others to participate in this great gospel.  It
brings so much happiness and joy into my life, sharing the gospel.
The Gospel is true and there is nothing more better we can do with our
time then live it.  This week I am going to try to ask myself  “What
more can I do?”  Beause I know the Lord can lead us to doors that need
to be knocked on and to people that are ready to listen.

I hope you guys all have a wonderful week!! Love you all so much!

Hermana Russell

Ran into Hermana Cooper, CCM group!  She is replacing me in Abancay!

New companion, Hermana Quezada

New area Huescar.  Lake Titicaca in background

Welcome sign from companion!

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