Monday, June 1, 2015


June 1, 2015

I just wrote a really long letter and the computer turned off… sO I
don´t feel like writing anymore. Just know that life is good and one
day I will respond to the questions about how I got to Puno..  Just
know that I am here and I am super happy!

The weather is freezing here and we sleep with lots of blankets and
beanies. I am so grateful for the long garments.  They save my life!!
My pensions are great.  I think they have a little more money because
we have been eating a little more better.  Like KFC one night! Whoo!
But they fry things a lot more so my stomach is not too happy. But
thanks for the Pepto Bismo mom! It’s the greatest!

I sent a package, so be on the look out. It contains some things for
the family.  And also type of food thing called maza mora.  Its like
drinking a sentsy candle, if you ever wanted to know what that tastes
like.  I don´t know if I like it or not but we eat it a lot in the
nights.  So enjoy!

Ungoogable facts about Peru.

1.        People are really blunt here.  When they describe people
they always call them fat and the Hermana that we lived with told me
that another Hermana fell down the stairs because she was fat… haha
its kind of hilarious when you translate it into your head.

2.       People didn`t decorate for Christmas until the day of , but
they are still Christmas decorations out to this day.  It’s like the
opposite of the US.  We start decorating way to earlier and they leave
the decorations up till June.  Oh Peruvians. I love you.

So Last P day was the greatest!  We went to a dock by Lake Titicaca
and took a ton of pictures.  And then we went to a noche de hogar with
a really cool family in the ward.   They are hilarious and we had a
lot of fun.  We played the flour game and I totally lost, sorry don´t
have pictures of flour all over me.

This week was a little different because Hermana Quezada had to go to
Cusco to finish papers to go home.  She was gone for four days because
there was a strike in Puno and no one could leave or travel.  So I was
with other hermanas and we shared sectors.  It was a little stressful
because I don´t know the sector very well but it was the best because
I was with Hermana Love from the CCM.  She is doing great and we had a
lot of fun contacting one night together.  She has great Spanish and
taught me some new words.

Finally my companion came home and we had some great visits.  We have
three really great investigators that are going to get baptized
hopefully this month.  I want Hermana Quezada to leave with these
baptisms!  We are working really hard and we are loving it.

Puno is beautiful and I love it here.   I was a little home sick for
Tamburco, but we have great members in the ward too.  Sorry for the
shortness of the letter but  I just want you guys to know that I love
you and I am so happy here!  It was the best choice I ever made.

We have three great investigators here in Huascar. They are
progressing really well and even though we know they are ready they
are having a hard time recognizing their answers. I know that if they
continue to read and pray that a sure answer will come. Hermana
Quezada is the best and i wish I had a little more time with her. I am
learning so much for her. She is always happy and smiling and is just
a joy to be around.
This week I have been studying Alma 5. I love this chapter because it
is so applicable to every one. Missionaries, menos activos, non
members. I just love the image of the Pastor calling His Sheep. he is
always calling us and we only need to listen and come unto him. I have
been thinking alot about how we help others come unto Christ and how
we personally can come unto him. I think the main thing we need to do
is humble ourselves and be repentant. If we do this He rejoices and he
is so happy with us. All of this made me think of the story of the
prodigal son. I love this story because of the example of his father.
When his father sees his son, He runs to him and he is so happy. I
think we are like the prodigal son. We have all sinned we all commit
errors, but if we repent and return to Him. He will be so thrilled.
Gracias for eveything! Have a great week!

Love Hermana Russell

Harbor at Lake Titicaca

Hermana Quezada and Russell

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