Monday, June 22, 2015

Temple Dedication


This week has been mas o menos… but its a new week and I know things
are going to get better!  I don´t have much to say this week but I
have managed to remember a few things.  First off the trip seemed like
way too much fun.  I especially loved the story of trying to drive
through the tree from soph and I was disappointed that dad and mom
didn´t give me ther side of the story.  Also HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DAD!
TE AMO MUCHISIMO! Anyhoo I also felt bad for grace and the experience
at six flags, but also happy that you didn´t have too much fun there.
Disneyland all the way, right?   I also just thought of CHUCK A RAMA
CHUCK CHUCK A RAMa and when Grace threw up the Sam´s hot dogs on the
way to the lake.  My childhood was the best. J  I also loved all the
pictures and was a little sad that my sisters are all growing up so
beautifully.  I can just imagine little missionary name tags on each
one of you….hahah JK

Even though this week was hard work wise, it was still fun because I
had hermana Quezada.  It was her birthday Tuesday and so on Monday
while she was at Maccu Pichu, I decorated her room .  It turned out so
cute and I was really glad that I was able to find all the decorations
that I wanted on the streets of downtown puno.  When she arrived we
had family home evening with our two investigators and our ward
mission leader. It was so much fun!  Peruvians know how to celebrate.
And just so you know Ungoogable fact, they all sing the happy birthday
song in English and then in Spanish.   Every time.  And also you
always have to shove cake in their face.  So that happened a lot this
week.  The celebration continued the whole week and I think we ended
up eating like six different cakes.  We also went out for pizza one
night with our pension which was a blast.    This week I completed my
8 month mark which is just crazy, Hermana Quezada is the best and
bought me a shirt for my month mark.   She is literally the sweetest
person ever and I can´t believe I only have one week left with her.
This change passed so fast!!

Oh and I got to see Hermana  Holland this week which was the best!
She is a sister leader so she visits the sister leaders in Puno and I
got to see her.  She is such a fantastic missionary!   We went on
splits with the hermana leaders this week and it was the best.
Hermana Condie and Hermana Mendez are my sister leaders.   They are
the best and It was so fun to be with Hermana Mendez.  She is from
argentina and has the best accent!

Also to celebrate father´s day we got to attend the dedication of the
temple in Trujillo.  Wow, it was an amazing day and the session was
the best.  I am so excited now to do my family history and it would be
the best if you guys could send me pictures of ancestors and dates of
birth and death, things like that.  I have a pamphlet that I would
like to fill out and I need pictures J  Also of aunts and uncles and
whoever.  The dedication was amazing.  President Uchtdorf was there
with Elder Bednar.  Tonight I will attend a broadcast of president
Uchtdorf because He is coming toCusco2!

Well I just know that this gospel is true.   I know that the work of
the Lord is progressing and we have the great privilege to participate
in it.  I am so grateful for the temples.  They are houses of the Lord
and the work that goes on inside is the work of Him.  I know that the
priesthood was once again restored and I am grateful for a father who
honors his priesthood and who taught me at a very young age to love
the temple.  I will never forget his example of driving past they
temple after baseball games sometimes multiple times.  He never said
much but we just drove past it and I knew that he loved it and loved
the Lord.  Thanks dad.  You are the BALM.   I can´t wait for eternity
with my eternal family.  What a blessing we have.  The lord loves us
so much.

I love you guys too,  Have a great week!!
Love Hermana Russell
 "The decision to believe is the most important choice we ever make,

it shapes all our other decisisons

Pension and her family

Pizza in Juliaca

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