Monday, June 15, 2015

Time flies!

Hola Familia!

I hope everyone is safe and sound and that you had a great vacation!
I hope you are all loving the sun and the summer because I haven´t
felt my toes in 5 days…. Hahah jk but during my studies I can never
feel my toes.

Soo I loved the pictures from the last week!  Keep them coming.  I
love pictures of you guys!  I can´t believe how grown up the twins are
and that they are practically freshman.   Que Miedo!!

Mom asked me last week if we had heating.  Uh no.  no heating. I think
that is what makes it so cold here is because you can never get away
from it.  But the good thing is that the sun is very strong and during
the day we are warm.   At night we heat up water and pour it into
bottles and sleep with bottles by are feet and hands.  I also sleep
with a beany and always think of you dad.  And we have a lot of
blankets. The sun doesn´t enter our room so its pretty cold in the
morning.  I can´t wait for studies to be over so that we can leave and
walk around and warm up.

I only have one Ungoogable fact about Peru which is that they are
obsessed with calendars here. They always have one in every room and
in our house we have calendars from 2008 and so on.   Every Peruvian
knows what day it is but none of them know what time it is.   J

Last week we went to Juliaca.  Its about 45 minutes from Puno.  It’s a
really crowded city but it has a Plaza Vea which is like a mall,
complete with Pizza Hut.  We went with the Hermanas and it was super
fun but I am glad I am not serving there….its not very pretty. But
Hermana Quezada is hilarious and I loved the ride there just talking
to her.  She has lots of hilarious stories and tells them in a
hilarious way.

This week we found a new room!!!  It is so pretty and its in the
perfect location.  On the outside it looks like it belongs on
mainstreet in Disneyland!  So cute!  Anyway its perfect because the
sun comes and warms up the room in the mornings and there is always
water so we don´t have to wake up at 6!  I think we will move at the
end of the month if it is approved. I really don´t want to move again
because it’s a pain but it will be the nicest thing ever!

A funny thing that happned this week… hna Quezada has a hymn book in
English so we sing one verse in English and another verse in Spanish
when we have companionship study.  Well  we were singing in English
and I couldn´t pronounce half the words… especially Jesus.  Hermana
Quezda just looked at me and said…”you`re the only one that can teach
me English and you can`t pronounce half these words”  hahah You could
say that Spanish has completely taken over.  Its way more fun to speak
Spanish J  Even when I am with the gringas we just all speak Spanish.
Its way easier.  Another funny/awkward thing that happened this week,
Our house right now has like four red stairs to get to the door.
Sometimes there will be couples there kissing or hugging or whatever
and sometimes we have to interrupt them and they have to move so that
we can get to our house.  Its hilariously awkward. Anyways one night
this week we returned to our house and there was a couple on the
steps.  They were just talking and this is a really good thing.  When
we got closer to the house it looked like the guy was our investigator
Miguel,  I was praying that it wouldn´t be because ohh so awkward and
no one that isn´t a member shouldn´t know where we live… but as we got
closer we realized that it was Miguel!!  He was with a girl and they
were just talking, thankfully.  We stopped and talked to them and then
we were like, welp we are going to enter our house now and we
awkwardly stepped around them.  Hahah .  We laughed so hard once we
were in the house.  But later we had a lesson with Miguel and he
accepted the book of Mormon and was so excited to read it and also
accepted the baptismal challenge!  We are going to give him a date for
baptism this Friday.   He´s a great investigator but the only problem
is that he only has time Fridays and Sundays.  The progression is slow
but if he will read every day he will be prepared.

ANways this week has been great.  My companion right now is at Maccu
Picchu so I am in a trio once again…but her birthday is tomorrow and
we are going to decorate the room and our mission leader is going to
buy her a cake!

This week I read the first message in PMG.  I really loved these two
quotes and I know that they are true.

“there is no more compelling work than this, nor any which brings
greater satisfaction”

“More happiness awaits you that you have ever experienced as you labor
among His children”

I love being a missionary and even in the freezing cold I am so happy!!!

Love Hermana Russell

Moon in Puno

Popcorn in Puno!

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