Monday, June 8, 2015


Hola Familia!!

How are you all? I am really pumped to hear more about this trip that
you are taking this week so don`t forget to take lots of pictures and
fill me in!

This week has been great!  It has flown by and I can`t believe we are
entering week 4 of this change.  Crazy crazy crazy.  Anyways I will
try to make up for my short letter last week.  Traveling to Puno was a
mini adventure.  First traveling from Abancay and Cusco is the worst.
I got a little car sick for the first time in my life and thought that
if Grace had joined me she would have died…haha love ya Gracie!
Anwyays after arriving in Cusco I spent the day in the Cusco house
just hanging out with other hermanas who were awaiting companions or
had changes.  At night Hermana Coooper arrived and it was the best to
talk to her in Spanish and share stories of our first area.  Then the
next morning we traveled to Puno.  Its an 8 hour drive but the bus was
super nice.  I was the only Hermana and traveled with some elders.
But mostly I just slept.

Puno is great! Its not as green as Abancay, and its more yellow.  We
travel around in the combi´s like we did in Abancay.   Did I mention I
still have massive hills in my area. Yeah my legs are super buff!  Our
pension for lunch happens to live at the top of Huascar so we always
have a great hike each morning.  We can see the lake from our sector
and it is beautiful. Its really blue and I am sure it is freezing just
like Bear Lake.   They also have a mode of transportation which is a
guy riding a bicycle and pulling people in a little cart behind them.
  I have yet to seen any transportation like Kip and Napoleon but I
will be on the lookout.

Like I have said we live with a 87 year old lady and we call her
Abuelita or grandma.  She is so sassy and hilarious.   When we arrive
home for the day she always yells. HERMANAAS and we respond and she
always asks us to do a small favor for her.  Usually buy juice or read
some kind of bill.  Shes absolutely hilarious and so blunt. This week
at 10 at night she asked us to accompany her to a neighbors to
retrieve her blender.  The whole time we walked over there she talked
about this blender and how her friend didn´t return it to her in time.
Well we walked over to the neighborhood and she had forgotten where
she lived.  So after we knocked on a ton of doors, we are so tired and
freezing, we finally find her friend who refuses to give her the
blender and they finally make a deal that she´ll bring it in the
morning at 10.  So we walk back to our house and go to bed.  Well the
next morning , her friend didn´t bring the blender until 11 and while
we were finishing our studies we heard them screaming and yelling
downstairs.  Oh my.  Old people are sasssyyy! Anyways.  The abuelita
is hilarious and always makes our life a little interesting.

Hermana Quezada continues to be the best!!  Seriously I love her.
She is so kind and self less and charitable!  She reminds me of mom
sometimes.  Especially because she has this cackle that she does when
we plan to set up our ward mission leader with a single adult or
something like that. It’s a little witch cackle which is just
hilarious and reminds me of you mom.  Also she noticed that I had a
mosquito bite on my hand that hadn´t healed so she bought gauze and
medical tape to tape me up…. Hah She is hilarious and I love her!!  I
don´t want her  to go!

Ungoogable facts about peru for this week.

1.       Peru raises chickens to fight.  Literally we ran into one
this week who wanted to fight us. So now you know that if you come to
peru you need to be aware of the dogs and chickens J

2.       When leaving a combi the worker likes to say ¨baja baja baja¨
which means like get off or leave.  The translation is a little hard.
When you get on the say ¨sube sube sube¨ and ¨baja¨ when you get off.
Well they say it really fast and kind with a nasaly accent.  I always
kind of laugh because I think they say it to hurry us but when a
really old grandma is getting off she´s not going any faster.

3.       Also people speak a little different here.  They are always
adding pay to the the ends of words like Sipay or yapay. At first it
was hard to understand but now that I am aware of it its easier.

Last p day was the  best.  We literally have the best pdays.  We went
to a giant lookout point with a huge bird and then we roamed around
puno and painted our nails later in the apartment.  Last week our
phone exploded so we have been without a phone for two weeks now.
It’s the worst and I don´t know how we survived! But we had a really
old phone and it really did explode!  Haha   The zone leaders have
been trying to find us a phone but they couldn´t. so last night we
were getting ready to go to bed and they rang the doorbell and la
abuelita started yelling for us.  IT was funny because we didn´t know
they were going to come so we had already changed and we were all
ready or bed. But really fast we through on skirts and shoes over our
pajamas and went down to see what they needed. They decided to give us
their phone because they have two, until we could get ours.  Anywoo.
Heraman Quezada was mortified that we were in our pajamas and she
laughed so hard later.   Haha.  I think we were a little tired.

This week I have been studying the testimonies of Christ in the Book
of Mormon. We have an investigator who is slowly starting to believe
in Christ and I have been looking for ways to help him. As I have read
the testimonies of Christ written by the Prophets I have strengthened
my own testimony. I know that Christ is our savior, that he died and
suffered for us so that we can overcome the physical and spiritual
death, and I know that the book of Mormon was written to help us gain
this testimony of our savior. I am grateful for this testimony and
grateful for the opportunity to share it with others.

Anways.  Love you all so much.  Thank you for your support and your
love.  It helps so much.  I love being a missionary! Be safe this

Love Hermana Russell

Lookout point with a really big chicken!

View from sector Huescar

The Sisters!

They got hops

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