Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chuno and a change

June 28, 2015
Hola Familia!

Hermana Quezada is gone!!! It was so hard to say good bye to her. We
had a great last week that included many adventures.  Also I have a
new companion named Hermana Manaya.  She is from my group and I am so
excited to work with her! She is a sweetheart from what I can remember
in the CCM and I think it will be a great change!   It’s funny that
mom and Sophie mentioned something about Chuno because for the first
time in Puno our pension gave us a huge plate of chuno and fish.  Like
fish that actually looked like a fish.  Anyways usually she leaves us
to eat alone but this time she stayed and we were forced to eat all of
the chuño.  It was terrible and just made me even more firm in my
decision that I do not like chuño.  But the fish was pretty good.

I have seen Elder Buehner a lot lately and I think he´s doing really well. 
He´s always happy and I think he gets a long with his companion.  We took some
pictures together because his companion wanted picture with Hermana
Quezada. And so you can share the pictures with their family!

I think it would be great to have Elder Grow over for dinner so make
sure you take lots of pictures and ask him really good questions
because I haven´t heard hardly anything about his mission.  He´s a one
liner writer too.

Well this week was a great one.  We had a surprise good bye party for
Hermana Quezada.  The ward really loves her and they were all sad to
see her go. We made smores for the final companionship study and she
refused to pack until 9 on Saturday night.  Hahah. She worked so hard
right up to the end and I just love her so much.  I don´t know when
but I am planning to visit her in Ecudador.

I don´t really have much to say this week. We have had a lot of
success here in Huascar.  We were able to hear President Uchtdorf this
last Monday and it was amazing.  He said one thing that I wanted to
share with you  He said that if he could give advice to any members it
would be this to keep the commandments and trust the Lord.  I just
loved this and thought that it was such good advice.  We really just
need to do what the Lord asks and trust Him.  Everything else will
fall in place.  He also made several references to the lack of air
here in cusco and it was hilarious.   I just love the missionary work
here.  The mission has taught me so much and I am so excited for this
next chapter with Hermana Minaya.  Also hermana Campoverde had a
change and she will be in my zone!!

Love Hermana Russell

Sorry its so short!!!
Hermana Russell and Quezada and Elder Buehner and companion (Emma and Elder Buehner live in the same ward and neighborhood!

The Zone

Hermana Selfie 

Hermana Quezada and Russell

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