Monday, July 6, 2015

You can leave the Abueltia but....

Hola Familia!!

This week has been so great and I have loved being with Hermana
Minaya!  She is from Lima and she is so cute. We were in the same
group at the MTC so it has been fun to talk with her and be able to
understand her this time J

Mom asked me about how I feel about stuff.  Its basicaly unnecessary
in every aspect.  I haven´t had a phone for 6 weeks now and I feel
fine.  At the same time stuff sometimes makes life a little easier but
it doesn´t make life happier.  After all we aren´t like the Egyptians
that believe that all your posessians came with you to the after life,
so yeah stuff is stuff.   Oh and I´ll be getting your package tonight
and just want to thank you in advance.  You are all the BALM.

Also Happy fourth of JULY!!  Whooo we woke up to snow and a freezing
freezing freezing cold day.  It snowed all morning and we listened to
Frozen and had hot chocolate.  I always get the feeling its Christmas
here but yeah no yeah.

Well we are officaly moved out!!! WHOOO! We moved all thrusday and
Hermana Minaya was such a trooper.  It was a long day and we are still
not in our house.  We moved to a temporary apartment that is below the
apartment where we are going to live permantely.   And we are living
with Hermana Love and Hermana Solar!  Its seriously the best!!!  Its
warmer, the bathroom is close and we have water all day long!   But we
are living out of packed bags and its kind of the worse, but…..Hence
the title…. We can leave the abueltia but she won´t leave us alone….
Yeah she is saying we didn´t pay her for the month of June.  But we
did and we have her signature on a paper that says so…. But she came
to church looking for us and she start to yelll and shake her little
fists.  It was really all I could do not to laugh a little.   She
called our bishop and followed behind us all the way up to our pension
screaming.   AHH.   It was hilarious but also one more thing that I
don´t want to have to deal with it.  She started telling everyone in
the neighborhood that we left her alone with out money to pay for her
water or light.   Luckily the bishop is going to help us and we are
going to have to go back and grab our toilet paper because we left it
there…and hopefully she understands.  But oh man I knew that we
wouldn´t leave with out a fight. The best part is that the day we
moved she didn´t say anything to us and almost seemed happy that we
were leaving.  Oh my.  Este Abuelita! Que Drama!

Bueno.  The work was really good this week. We have really good
investigators that are ready and we are planning on resucing a family
where two of the sister are menos activos.   Hermana Minaya is the
best.  She is hilarious and always has hilarious stories to share.  We
talk a lot which I like because time goes by faster especialy when you
are walking for 3 hours without finding one person to visit.  J  But
really.  I am so happy here!  Even though it has been freezing and
with all the problems with the Abuelita, but I am loving it.

I have love reading the book of mormon more carefully and this week I
studied Alma 26. I love this chapter and have read it multiple times
but I saw something this time that I hadn´t seen before. Alma is
talking about the mission and everthing that happened and it causes
him to think about how he once was. How they were sinners and went
around trying to destory they church. He talks about how God had all
reasons in the world to hammer them with the law of justice but
instead of this God reached out to them in mercy and love. I love this
because its so true. God is so merciful and will always give us the
mercy card. I am grateful for the opportunity to repent and improve
each day. I am grateful that God lengthed the days here on earth so
that we would have the opportunity and the blessing to repent and
prepare for when we will return to Him. I love being a missionary and
I am so grateful to be here.  Thanks for all the support.  I love you
guys and pray for you everyday.  I know the Lord has many blessings
for us.  Let us be obedient and try each day to be more like our

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Russell

Hermana Minaya my new companion!

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