Monday, July 20, 2015

This week in Puno

Hola familia!

I am sorry for writing such a depressing email last week.  Really it
was a great week and it taught me a lot.  This week was good too!
Hermana Minaya is seriously the best.  She´s so funny and we are
always laughing and talking.  I feel like I have known her forever
and not just three weeks.

Primero just want to say congrats to Sophie for passing her AP test.
That´s fantastic!!  Way to go because you’re smart and pretty. J and
just wanted to say that Taysom is the cutest thing ever!  I hope to
have more updates on him later.  And Hannah, I now have 9 months so
feel free to have a baby. J  haha please because I love you and want
to be an aunt!  Also if you could had nutella to the birthday package,
it’s something we´ve been craving.

Well last Pday was the best.  There is a huge slide in the middle of
puno and we went!  It was seriously so much fun that we are going
again today with the Zone.  It´s a pretty wild slide and pretty scary
that there is no supervision and no one to regulate it.  But it was
just like Peru, and one day we will all go down the slide together.
I sent pictures!  And I´m trying to send a video so enjoy J

This week we had zone conference in the WILD!  We went to the beach
and it reminded me of the pictures that you guys sent of haystack rock
(if that´s the name).  IT was so great.  We played and then we had
conference with President.  HE is just so great and Hermana Harbertson
too.  President talked about obedience and talked about how we need to
bury our weapons of rebellion or maybe the little things that we are
doing that are disobedient.  I loved his analogy like always.  I have
a few weapons of rebellion that I need to bury so that I can be more
obedient and have the spirit with me even more.   The next day I went
on splits with Hermana Condie.  She is so cute and even cuter than her
blog!  We had a great day and later they talked to us about loving our
companions.  It´s not hard to love your companion when she is the
best.  I felt really blessed this week to have her as my companion.
Yesterday a young women in our ward accompanied us to all of our
appointments.  We ended the day helping her with her English homework.
(pronunciation so it wasn´t cheating).  We were laughing and talking
and she said that she wanted to be a missionary like us because we
were always happy and laughing.  I just said “yeah it’s the best!” but
deep down inside I wanted to tell her that if we weren´t laughing we
would be crying…. Hahah just kidding.  But not all companionships are
happy.  I am just lucky J

WE also ate chuño again today…… I would just like to say that I ate
every last bite of the soup and watched as Hermana Minaya, the
Peruvian, hide it all in a paper towel.  She has never tried it and
has a deep fear of chuño.    Mom when I am home you can cook whatever
you like because I´ll eat it.  J

Oh and the best was the DANCE FESTIVAL!!!  I felt like I was right
back home in the world of drill.  Every year all the wards present
traditional dances and they all get together.  IT is the most
beautiful thing in the world.  Our ward presented two dances and they
were so great.  I love the costumes and I love that everyone dances.
Old ! Young!  I love this cultural it is really so great!  I will try
to send pictures of that too.

Anyways its been a great week and I feel like I am starting to write
like you guys are writing…. Less and less…. Haha well I just love you
all! I feel so blessed to have such a great support system and family.
I am loving it here in Puno and hope to have tons of cambios here with
Hermana Minaya.  Life is good because we have the Gospel. J  Love you

Hermana Russell

“But by the Grace of God, I am what I am” 1 Cor. 15:10

P Day at the Puno slide

Stake dance festival

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