Monday, July 27, 2015

Another miracle in Huescar

Hola Familia!

Its been a great week here in Puno.  First off I gotta say that I
loved the girls camp prank.  Haha hilarious!  There are girls camps in
Peru.  This week the girls are having their camp.  I don´t know why
they are having it in the coldest time of the year but there you go.
Hermana Quezada says thanks for the package.  She is doing great and
dying of heat in her house.  She recently had a date with a boy in the
temple.   I am asking every week for pictures!   I miss her but I also
love Hermana Minaya!  Its too bad we couldn’t have been a trio.  Oh I
also got Crystals package!  It was so great and I love and adore that
family!  I recently printed pictures of them and just claim them as my
cousins when people ask. Also the elders loved the take5s.  It was the
best to give it to them and watch them  taste America J

Ungoogable fact about Peru:

1.       It doesn’t matter where you are you always answer your cell
phone when someone calls you.  Meetings, during lessons, in ward
council.   Yup it’s definitely a thing.

2.       If a dog enters the chapel during sacrament meeting, you just
let it run around like a crazy and ignore it. During the sacrament
it’s perfectly normal to give it some bread.

3.       If you cant get a hold of the missionaries to ask them to
give a talk… just  assign them anyway…..And let them know after the
sacrament J

Yeah its been a great week here!

Monday for Zone pday we made tacos!  It was actually amazing.  But the
elders couldn’t find tortillas in plaza vea so I told them that
Hermana Minaya and I knew how to make them.  So we made up a recipe
and literally made tortillas.  The elder were asking me where I
learned how to make tortillas and I told them that I didn’t know
because my mom was from the states and my dad was from china…. Jaja
Just kidding dad!   But we made tortillas and they actually looked and
tasted like tortillas.  It was a definite success!

One funny thing that happened this week..  I have been trying to drink
more water and this leads to a little more time in the bathroom.
Hermana Minaya calls it my favorite place.  You guys know well enough
that I inherited this bladder from wonderful mom J  and so during the
afternoon one day I really had to go, so we stopped by some members
and embarrassingly enough I had to ask them for the bathroom.  But
after we were talking and he gave us a referral.  It’s a really good
referral and we were really excited.  As we were leaving Hermana
Minaya, in English, said “Congrats to your bladder!”  it was so funny!
 She has super good English and is working really hard.  Sometimes she
says things so hilarious but shes trying which I appreciate.

Oh I ate liver this week…. Its slightly better than chuño.  A close second.

Tuesday was terrible but it ended good.  It was the birthday of our
district leader and its tradition in Peru to throw eggs and flour on
the person whose birthday it is.  We planned with our pension (because
we are now pensioning at the same place as the elders for dinner and
breakfast) to throw eggs and celebrate his birthday.  We planned
everything and it was perfect.   We were taking a photo with him and
his little slice of cake that we bought when Hermana Eli shoved cake
in his face and then we took out the eggs and flour.  I have a video
that I have to show you guys one day but it is hilarious.  It was the
best because the Elders from Juliaca were there and in the video they
are all screaming and laughing.  Poor guy,  He only has hermanas in
his district.  But hey we are obedient!

So Wednesday we had a wonderful conference with Elder Uceda of the
seventy.  He is so great!  Wow he teaches with such power and you can
tell that he is a servant of God.   He talked to us about walking with
God with a strong faith and a firm mind.   This was so interesting and
he showed us how we should learn to walk with God.  Basically it was a
call to repentance but it was awesome.  He shared with us the
scripture in Moroni 7:30  and talked with us what Godliness meant.  He
said that it means giving your agency to God.  There are so many great
things that he talked about.  He talked about praying more effectively
that we need to shut ourselves out from the world and unplug
ourselves.  That when we pray it is our time to talk to God and we
need to pray with all the energy of the heart.  He can speak English
so sometimes during his lesson he would say certain phrases in
English.  It was such a great conference and I learned so much.

I also had the opportunity to have a personal interview with him.  He
knows all about you guys now…but really he was so cool.  He asked me
about the family, the mission and shared with me great advice and
counsel.  I feel so blessed to have had this chance to talk with him.
He told me some things that I will never forget and helped me be so
excited for the rest of my mission.

This week we witnessed another miracle here in Huascar. One day we had
a cita with a investigator whose son is a member. THe cita was
saturday at 12 and super arriba. So we climbed quinientos stairs to
get to her and she wasn´t there. I expected this because it was
saturday and usually they are shopping. So we went to another cita and
then we went to lunch. After lunch we felt the distinct impression
that we needed to pass by again and check to see if she was home. We
found her husband and her in their store and immediately she grabbed
some chairs and we started to teach them. We thought we would just do
a como comenzar but he asked the question "How did your church start?"
and we started to teach them the Restoration. It was a great lesson
and they understood really well. He was so prepared and at the end of
the lesson he accepted the baptism date for the 15 of august. His wife
did not accept and is a little more hesitant. But they are married! At
the end of the lesson we taught them out to pray and he offered the
prayer. In his prayer he asked God to soften the heart of his wife and
help to realize that this is the truth. It was such a great experience
and I feel like this family is going to be great members.

Well I love you guys so much and I am so grateful for all the support
that you give me.  I hope everything is great at home.  Just know that
I know this church is true and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in
the world, but right here in Huascar Puno.  J

Love you all!

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