Monday, August 10, 2015

Floating Islands and cheap clothes and Missionary Work!

Hey Familia!

I don´t have changes this week and I am staying with Hermana Minaya!!
We are so excited to stay together!  Especially because we have a
baptism this week and it would be crazy if we had to travel!

BUT yeah we have a baptism this week! Cirilo is going to be baptized!
He is so awesome and I feel like he´s not really my convert because he
was already converted when we met him.  He has been prepared for a
really long time and he is so ready.  We are so excited but we are
going to be running around like crazies this week.  We still have some
things to teach him and he has to pass his interview.  A little crazy.
It’s a little stressful but I am super excited.  It’s going to be a
great week!   This week we taught him three times and each time he
would come down with his Book of Mormon and the past pamphlets and his
hymn book (I gave him one of the ones I had).  He´s always waiting for
us from the window and before we can ring the doorbell he sticks his
head out the window and greets us J TAN LINDO!  His wife is always
home and has listened to all the lessons but still won´t accept a
date.  He really helps her a lot with understanding and sometimes
shares his own thoughts in our lessons and ends in the name of Christ.
This week we taught him the plan of salvation which he understood
really well.  At the end of the lesson when we asked him when we could
visit him again, he said “Tomorrow Jueves”  but we visited him Tuesday
and tomorrow was Wednesday not Thursday.  We all laughed and then he
said “ oh yeah sorry I am in a hurry to get to eternal life”  it was
so funny and so sweet! He is the best and I promise to have photos of
him this week J

Well I didn´t get a chance to read your emails from last week so sorry
if I don´t answer any questions. This week has been great and crazy!
Our shower actually works but not really well.  We still take bucket
showers J This week we got to go to the UROS!!!  We helped a member
move his house and raise his house because sometimes it sinks J
because they live on an island.  It’s the most beautiful place in the
world!  And I decided that I would raise my family there because its
so pretty and so cool!  We are only allowed to go if there is a
service project and we were really lucky to go.

Also this week we got permission to go to the Cachina!  It’s a place
where they sell lots of things for super cheap.  You can find American
brand clothing for 2 soles or less.  Its crazy!  But its super fun.
We found Anne Taylor Loft sweaters for 3 soles and yeah they aren´t
brand new and I might wash it two or three times but they’re in pretty
good condition. So yeah.  It’s the best!

Also this week I have been in a trio with Hermana Campoverde.  She is
the best and I love her so much!  We tease each other a lot and are
always laughing.  Its been super fun with her and Hermana Minaya
because we all get a long great and even though we are running between
two huge sectors we still laugh and crash at night. J

It’s been a good week.  Complete with brownies and ice  cream.  Great
things are happening here in Puno.  The ward is helping us a ton and
yesterday when we visited menos actives with the ward we found even
more references and people waiting to be baptized.  I am so glad I
have another change with Hermana Minaya!  She is the best and we have
become best friends.  We are already planning a trip to the United
States and Ecuador in the near future.  We are always laughing and
working super hard.  Although our sector is pure hills we usually end
up running up and down them all day.  And I am helping Hermana Minaya
with a diet so we don´t eat bread and limit the rice.  Haha J

I am so happy and love it here!  Don`t want this to ever come to an
end.  This week I studied a lot in the Book of Mormon.  I am reading
in the war chapters and sometimes it’s hard to find doctrine but.. I
found something that I really like in Alma 48 and 49.  In 48:7 it says
that has Amalickiah was preparing his people for war with his deceit
and lies while Moroni was preparing his army to have faith in Christ.
In 49:8 the Lamanites come up against the nefites (nephites J ) and the lamanites
were greatly astonished because they had never seen the nefites
prepared in such a manner.  I thought this was super cool.  Its all
about how we prepare. Because yeah the lamanites were prepared but the
nefites had built forts and strengthened their cities.  They knew how
the nefites were going to attack and sometimes we have to know how
satan tempts us so that we can prepare for the attacks.

Well this week has been great.  Every day brings miracles J

Love you all!

Hermana Russell

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