Monday, August 24, 2015

Working hard in Huescar

Hola familia!

Its been a really great week here in Huascar J I can´t believe that
the time is flying by so fast!

This week I went on divisions with Hermana Mendez.  It was really
good!  She is the best and I love learning from her.  I went to their
sector and they live on a really steep hill.   As we were studying a
little girl dropped her bag of potatoes at the top of the hill and
there was a ton of potatoes rolling down the hill.  We couldn´t stop
laughing! Especially when later a lady was walking up the hill and she
stoped to pick up a couple potatoes.  J  too Good!  Anways we didn´t
do much because a sister was sick and we had to take her to the
clinic.  We spent about 3 hours in the clinic helping her.  She will
be okay but has to rest for 15 days because something happened to her
ligements.  And she has something wrong with her stomach.  Anywho.  We
had to call insurance to get permission to have her xray taken and the
insurance company only speaks english.  So I had to call and oh man I
can not speak a lick of english. Fortunately I can write it J  But as
I was talking I realized that I was saying little things in english
and Hermana Mendez was laughing so hard.   She told me to tell them
that we were in peru and so in spanish I said Estamos en Peru!
Hermana Campoverde and Hermana Mendez just laughed and laughed.  Oh
man… I don´t think I can call you guys for Christmas or maybe you will
need to hire a translater J

This week we visited our investigator Juana.  She is the best and its
a miracle that she is finally accepting us. We had a family home
eveing with her and the family quispe.  wE stoped by her house to walk
with her to the family quispe.  She invited us in and as we sat down
we noticexc that there was cake and inca kola like it was someone´s
birthday.  We asked her whose birthday it was and she didn´t want to
tell us.  She just kept smiling and avoiding the question.  So hermana
Minaya asked her if it was her  birthday and really hestitantly she
said that it was.  Oh my gosh we didn´t know and we were like what do
we do now?  She went upstairs to grab her coat and we wrote a quick
note to Mareleni because we knew that she wouldn´t know.  Then we all
walked up to the Quispe house.  Mareleni is the mama.  Anyways we
didn´t know how to give her this note and hermana Juana was with us
the whole time so hermana minaya opened up her hymn book and put the
note inside.  She then asked hna mareleni if we should sing this song.
I was trying to distract juana by talking to her but I couldn´t help
but laugh a little when I saw the face of Mareleni as she read the
note.  aFter all this we started our family home evening and we
watched the movie the restoration.  It was really great and about half
way through  Yrma and Beto (our pension and her husband) showed up.
They live really close by and Beto and Mareleni our siblings and the
husband of Mareleni is the brother of Yrma. Like the Spaffords!
Anyways we just kept watching the movie and when it was over we shared
our testimonies and sang the closing hymn.  As we were singing hna
Yrma motioned to us that she had bought a cake.  After the closing
prayer Beto brought the cake out and Hermana Juana was so surprised. It
was literally the best!  She was so happy and loved every second.  I
will try to upload a photo.  Anyways it was the best!

We also visited people with the members yesterday.  It was the best.
We found lots of people and it helps me get to know the neighborhood
too.  It’s amazing the difference that the visits have made for our
ward.  We had an attendance of about 85 but not we have about 110
every time.  Its amazing to watch and be a part of.  We found a menos
activo that is the only member in his family and we are hoping to
teach his wife and kids.   We also found a non member who is living in
a house of menos activos that really wants to hear the lessons and be
baptized.  I love Sundays because every time we receive a miracle and
I know that it is because God is blessing the members for there
efforts to visit the less active members.

 I learned this week that it is so important to be diligent in the
mission.  When we are diligent the Lord can bless us beyond belief.
This Saturday we had a really rough day.  All of our citas fell
through and we were freezing cold.  It was super windy that day.
Anyways it was about 6:30 and we didn´t know where to go or who to
visit.  We were super tired and I wanted nothing more but to go to the
apartment and sleep.  But we just kept walking and subiendo all the
hills.  We decided to pass by an investigator but she wasn´t there,
then we went to a contact but tampoco no estuvo.  So we just kept
walking and looking for people to contact and visit.  I think we were
really discouraged and we weren´t talking to each other like usual.
We just kept going and decided that we would pass by a contact that we
had made about a week ago.  We had been trying to call her but she
never answered.  So we passed by her restaurante and she invited us in
and invited us to mate.  We were able to talk with her and share a
lesson with her.  Then we kept going to contact and we found a lady in
a store that previously talked to the missionaries.  We were able to
share something with her too.  By that time it was time to return to
the apartment to plan.  As we were walking home we talked about the
blessings that we had received that night.  I was so glad that we
stayed out and kept going.  Even though it was freezing, windy and we
were tired, we knew that we shouldn´t return and we knew that there
was somebody that needed to hear from us.  I am grateful for the
blessings that the Lord gave us that night and now I have an even
greater determination to keep going even when its a little rough.
Love you all so much!!

Con Amor, Hermana Russell

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