Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Hola familia!

It’s been a really great week! It’s super nice to have a companion that
has lots of energy and excitement for the work.  We are doing great.
I hope all is well at home and that the girls are enjoying school J
Hermana Minaya is the best and it’s so great to have such a great

I think this week we witnessed a miracle We have been working with a
menos activo named Cynthia.  She has been coming to church for about 5
months now but hasn´t had time for the lessons.  She even has a
calling in the ward and is in our consejo de barrio.  No one really
knows that she has been inactive, or they have forgotten, so its been
really hard to visit her.  But as a zone we have been praying
invidually for each companionship and the people that they are working
with.  Cynthia´s name is on the list and I know that everyone has been
praying for her.  It was an awesome feeling to finish all the lessons
Tuesday with her and finally achieve this rescue.  I was so happy and
grateful because I know that the Lord has answered the  prayers of the
missionaries here in Bellavista.  Cynthia is an awesome faithful
member and has plans to go through the temple in February.  I am so
grateful to witness such a great miracle.  WE also met our goals for
the month of August and its such a good feeling.  We are excited for
the month of September because we are going to have even more success!

Last Monday we had a noche de hogar with a family in our ward.  We
invited a less active member and our investigator Juana.   IT was
super great.  The family Rojas is the best and not just because they
are named Jesus and Miracle..  WE had a great lesson and then we
played games and in Peru they are really serious about punishments for
losing.  They have all kinds of punishments from dancing the chicken
like dance or yelling something riduclous from the window.  I was
unfortunate to lose and was punished accordingly.  I won´t tell you
guys what I had to do but you can trust that it was hilarious and now
on facebook…. J  I told Jesus that I wasn´t coming back for a family
home evening!  Haha but it was great and Juana is progressing super
bien!  The ward is supporting us so much and even though we have a lot
of work to do in teaching the lessons but I know that she will be
baptized soon.

OH this week we visited Ilaria!  It was a short lesson because she
didn´t have a lot of time (we visit her in her store).  While we were
teaching two teenager boys came in and were making lots of noise and I
suppose just doing dumb teenager things.  Later they left and were
just outside the small store still making lots of noise.  I guess they
were friends of hers or something like that.   Anyways at the end of
the lesson she would not pray and kept saying that she would pray
later and that I should say it.  We´ve heard say it before so it was
super frustrating and we both knew that she didn´t want to say because
of the teenagers outside.  I think she was a little ashamed or
embarrassed.  We kept persisting and she kept saying no…. ah it was
super annoying J  but after a really long time I asked the teenagers
if they wanted to join us because we were going to pray.  They said
yes and quieted down and entered they small store and I offered the
prayer.   It was a good moment and later I was happy that I invited
them to pray for us.  I think it helped Ilaria know that we are proud
members and that we shouldn´t be embarrassed to pray. J and maybe it
left an impression on the teenagers or at least ilaria.

One last fun thing we did this week!  Our menos activo Johanna (sister
to Cynthia) is going to have a baby in September so Saturday morning
we went to their house and helped make empanadas!  We made 200 little
empanadas and oh my hands hurt so bad from rolling out the dough but
it was so much fun.  The familia Segura is the best.  Only Johana is
inactive now and we love helping them.  Hermana Charro is the mom and
she was in the kitched all day Saturday.  The party started at 6 and
at 8 she was showering and getting ready.  We returned again in the
night to help decorate the cake and they night before we were there
making alfajores.  Don´t worry I have all the recipes! J  Anyways it
was  super great to help them an dI know that Hermana Charro was super
grateful.  The poor thing was super tired after.  Also it should be
noted that they call a baby shower….baby shower and that it started 3
hours late and Bombomcito made an appearance J We never went to the
party because we had to be in our room but we heard it was success J
haha oh  I love peru!

Anyways that was my week.  J  haha Love you all so much and I want you
guys to know that I don´t even miss you one little bit J  jk.. But
don´t worry about me.  HErmana Minaya and I are super great and I am
loving the mission. It’s the best thing ever,  I hope my hermanitas
think really hard about the mission because it blesses your life in
more ways than I ever thought.  Thanks for the love and the support!

Con Amor, Hermana Russell

2. waiting for a combi and hermana minaya makes me hold everything....
just kididng we did it for the picture.
3.  we met our goals for August!
4. because we weren´t cold enough we decided to buy ice cream
5. helping Hermana Charro and Amik make empanadas

6. we are ready to go pro....

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