Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Emma of the Jungle


Yup it’s true that I am in the jungle and I absolutely love it! Namely
because there isn´t one single bug bite on my legs J  YESSSS!!  The
weather has been perfect.  Yeah it super hot but I am here with my
best friend and an awesome second companion.

The music is perfect.  Thanks Hannah.  Also mom please do learn
Spanish.  It’s so fun to speak Spanish and lots of the funny things
that happen are usually in Spanish.  And no they don´t give us worm
pills…. But that doesn´t mean that we don’t have worms….

Oh and to answer your question about ward names… usually they are like
American names but pronounced completely different.  I am sure that
you are pronouncing the name of Carolina wrong. But yeah the names here
are completely different and almost sound Asian, it will be
interesting to learn them.

Well I didn’t want to leave Puno.  I was happy there and working
really well with Hermana Minaya.  I guess I got comfortable because
God always knows when we need a change and he knew that I was getting
used to it…ahhh man…. Puno is slash was amazing.

WELL I am here in Puerto and training to be a trainer was amazing.
Tuesday and Monday I said good bye to everyone and it was really sad.
Tuesday at like 12 we traveled to Cusco.  There was a bunch of sisters
that had changes so it was fun to travel together.  It was great to be
with Hermana Minaya for a little bit more time.  In Cusco we spent the
night in the house of the sisters and we anxiously waited for the next
day.  Wednesday we all got ready and went to the chapel for training
with Presidente before we met our companions.  It was a super awesome
training… I loved it and I am so excited to train and be with my mom!
Then I met Hermana Alailima.  SHE is from Hawaii and so cute!! She’s a
big Y fan and literally already acts like a normal missionary.  She
has really good Spanish and is not afraid to speak it.    We all get a
long great and have been enjoying the tropical weather storms which is
a crazy rain that I have never seen in all my life!!  OPWOW  its
beautiful here.  The drive was amazing.  Cold showers are great. And
it’s a great sector.  WE are really busy and have a lot to do which I
like.  Three gringos is definitely a rare thing in Puerto.  As we went
home this week we closed the gate behind us to find aty least 7 little
kids all staring at us.  They asked us where we were from and when we
told them the United States their little mouths just dropped open and
hung in amazement.  Super cute!!  The kids are so cute here.  I kinda
feel like I am in the movie Rio and the town kind of looks like the
movie Because of Winn Dixie.

I decided that instead of ungoogable facts because I am completely out
of them, I would do man vs. wild.  But this time Missionary vs. Jungle…
Because lots of time this climate just does it’s own thing.    So
first…. Cut my bangs three weeks ago… the humidity makes them go crazy
wavy and I have pulled them up since… bbye banges.  JUNGLE 1 Hna
Russell 0.    Cold showers every day… the highlight of the night… Hna
Russell 1 Jungle 1….. but then the cold showers give you a cold
Jungle 2….I feel like I  could write a book like the one dad would
always read to us when we camped outside..  that’s bad.. no that’s
good!  Haha J

I learned this week that God really is in control.  Presidente pulled
me out to talk to me while we were doing something and told me how
this change came to pass.  I know that it was truly inspired. And I
couldn’t shake the feeling all the change before that I needed to be
with Hermana Holland and that she needed me.  I know the Lord answers
prayers.  He is so great and his way is always better.  I read a talk
by Elder Anderson this week that said this.  We each try to do out
part but He is the grand architect.

I love the mission.  It’s going to be a huge amazing adventure here in
Puerto but I am so excited!!

Love you guys so much!!!

Con amor, Hermana Russell
Together again with Hermana Holland! And a New Hermana!

Saying good bye is hard. This is the sweet sister that has been feeding Emma every day.

Emma's new companion

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