Monday, October 5, 2015

Guacamole and General Conference


I have so much to say this week to answer all the questions!!  It
might be a little random letter but I hope you enjoy! Well first off I
just wanted to say that Sophie looked gorgeous and I love your story
about Senior Homecoming.  It really is the best and I loved that
dance!  Hahah J It sounded like such a typical dance….I love

Yes Puerto doesn’t have any hills which is honestly a huge relief
because my knees were starting to ache at night.   I love not having
any more hills to climb!!! YAYAY Puerto!!

Our room is great.  We have two bathrooms and a room to study and
sleep.  We are a little crammed up in the room and I find myself
sleeping on the top bunk again .  I think it’s hotter up there but it
keeps me young cause I just got used to jumping off of it in the
morning.. Haha sometimes I pray that my legs don’t fall asleep as I
pray and I throw my self off to break my legs like a missionary I heard
about.   That’d be fun.

I am glad you found our chapel once again on google earth…. Mom is
turning into quite the creeper.  It’s a small chapel and it doesn’t
have air conditioning.  Well just the bishop’s office.   It’s actually a
super pretty chapel.  I like it even if it is a small oven.

Yes Hermana Holland has six weeks left which means now she has four.
It’s weird to think about but she is really good.  She is still
working hard and we have lots of great goals for this change.  I love
being with her again and it’s so cool that I get to see her finish and
I will also inherit all her great clothes.  She has great clothes for
Puerto so I am excited… hah jk it will be super hard to see my mom go
L!!! AHHH why can’t time slow down!!!

Hermana Alailima is new but she doesn’t seem like it.  She has already
gotten so used to the swing of things and she is great!  She is
hilarious and such a go getter.  I have learned so much from her
already and I wish I was like her when I started my mission.  Even
though she thinks she can’t speak Spanish good, she speaks really
really well, plus she isn’t afraid to speak so that’s super cool!  I
feel like we are going to be good friends and I am hoping to stay
three changes with her.

I was reading mom’s letter this morning and all your concerns with
your new calling.  I felt like General Conference was especially about
you and I thought about you a lot.  I am so grateful for such a great
mom and example.  I know that the Lord has called you, not for what
you have done, but for what He can do through you.  AS for less
actives I have learned that some less actives are really hard to
activate and some only need an invitation.  I would say that the first
thing we do as missionaries to start teaching a less active is to love
them, serve them, and invite them to attend church.  Lots of the time
we will even pass by to pick them up.  Usually they just want to know
tht someone loves and that they are missed.  So just love them and
serve them and they will come back.  Also president said that asking
them about their conversion and how they knew the church was true will
help bring a spirit into their heart and by feeling the spirit they
will want to return to the church.  YOU GO MOM!  I know you can do it!

Oh and please send my love to Sister Spafford!  She helped me so much
my last years in young womens.  Her example touched my heart and
really helped me on my path to going on a mission.  I will always
remember how she served with pure love.  The girls are going to miss
her so much!

Palmer’s video was so great!! She is growing up so fast.  How old is
she!  Wow she needs to just stop!  I miss that thing.  Does she still
remember me!!

The bus ride was awful and we had to make it again this Wednesday with
Hermana Holland and I to sign papers to be legal here in Peru.  WE
left Wednesday and came back Thursday.  It was a long 48 hours and I
am done with busses forever!!!  Also we shouldn’t have traveled like
that in two days and our zone leaders kinda got mad at the office
Elder who scheduled them.  He said that we weren’t animals and it was
kind of cool to see him fight for us.  But we still had to travel but
they got us first class seats.  I felt like that one comedian when I
saw the curtain and was like “can we shut it so we don’t have to see
the second class”  jaja jk…. But it was super comfortable!! :)

Puerto is the best!!!!! I don’t have one mosquito bite and it’s not
even that hot!!!  I take about 2 to 4 showers a day… so maybe it is a
little hot but I am loving it.  Our pension is super great.  She owns
a restaurant so we get to pick what we want each day and she thinks we
are not allowed to have fish so I am super happy.  I am definitely not
going to correct her on that one :)

Also I have to tell you that the BYU QB is in Shelby’s ward…. Shelby
has all the luck….

OKAY and because we didn’t really work in the sector at all and I
feel tons of stress because in four week we will be on our own… I will
just talk about how much I loved conference.  We got to watch it in
English with all the gringos and we all brought food Sunday.  WE made
guacamole and it was just the best.  Conference was so inspired and
it answered every one of  my questions!!  I love many of the talks and
I can’t wait to apply them all… especially the scripture I am going to
ponderize! :) I was so sad to see it end.  I love the prophets and I
am so grateful for their sacrifice on our behalf.

Well I have my scripture for the week and I hope you all have yours.
It’s been a great week and I am so happy.  I miss Hermana Minaya A LOT
but I can’t complain.  Puerto is the coolest and the work is going to
be great.  WE have a lot to do and I will be super busy and super

Lov you all!!!
Pineapples at the pensionista's restaurant

Bus ride to Cusco and back in two days about 12 hours each way

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