Monday, October 12, 2015

No Bake Cookies with little black specks

October 12, 2015
Hey family!!

It’s been a great week and I have a lot of things to say!! J yaya!

So yes I love the Spanish music. Learning all the words is fun but it
also makes me grateful for English because it’s just all around cuter
and better sounding. 
I don’t need you guys to send me boots because I can buy some.  But
yeah I am going to need it because Hermana Holland has a picture of
her standing in a puddle up to her knees. And it wasn´t even rain
season yet.  If you send me an Ensign send it in English please.  And
Unity I loved what mom said and the mission is really focusing on
being united.  Our old zone always teased Hermana Minaya and me
because we looked like twins and told everyone we were really united.
Hermana Alailima is from Oahu.

Okay this week was a really great week.  Well at least the weekend
because Tuesday and Wednesday were so hot!! Man I almost cried because
it was so hot.  You are just always hot and there is no way to get
away from it.  I showered at night on Wednesday and went to write in
my journal and I was already sweating again.  Ugh it’s the worst.  I
basically wake up sweating and go to sleep sweating and I really did
take a shower at 3 in the morning and then slept on the floor one of
those days….

Okay I just wasted a lot of time telling you guys how hot it was.

Well we went to a butterfly farm last p day.  It was so pretty.  I´ll
try to send photos.  It’s in the jungle and we saw super huge
butterflies and it was just really pretty.  We are only 5 hermanas in
puerto and the only 5 gringas so its really fun.  I realized that I miss
English a lot and I get English humor better.  Even though it was hot
at the first of the week, its super cold right now and we are all
dying because we honestly don´t understand what happened.  I
personally think it’s because president came this week and its always
colder when he comes.

So president came this week and it was a great conference!!  Like
super great. I love when he comes and I love when they talk to us.
Hermana Harbertson showed us a picture by James Christensen and I
think its called Iccarus bound… you have to find it.  It’s so cool!!!
She talked about the atonement and that we will always have walls in
our lives to overcome but God has given us a key (this makes sense if
you look at the picture) we all have a key on our waist that will
unlock us from our sins and our weaknesses.  She just is really cool.
She talked about how God wants us to have success but sometimes its
our own fault we are stuck and not progressing.  President talked
about how the type of missionary we are will affect our whole lives
and will make a huge difference.  He showed us pictures from his
mission and life after and it was so great.  It made me excited to be
more obedient and work a little harder because the time is passing so
fast and I don´t want to leave anything out in the field J

We have a lot of work to do here in Puerto!! Like a lot and I feel a
little stressed.  It’s definitely not a ward anymore and we have a lot
of trust gaining to do with the members.  I do feel assured and God
reassures me all the time in my prayers that this trio are the ones who
can do it.  That we can turn this place around and see success. WE
have a great investigator that will be baptized on the 31st.   She is so
great.  Her name is Maria and I know she knows that it’s true.  Our
lessons with her are always so spiritual and I think she has the gift
of being sensitive to the spirit.  Her husband died 3 months ago so
teaching her the plan of salvation was the best.  Right now we are
just working on helping her understand the importance of the Sabbath
Day and coming to church.  Even though she has come a lot we always
have to call her or ask a member to pick  her up.   But other than
that everything is great.

Okay…So this week I got fed up with the bugs.  There is a lot more
bugs here than there was in Puno.  Friday after the conference we
decided to make no bake cookies with our dueño.  She is super sweet
and named Clara.  She loves to cook and was fascinated with the
cookies.  As I was stirring the cookies on the stove Hermana Holland
poured in the sugar… normal right?  Well a couple minutes later I
start seeing these tiny little black things.  I got a little closer
and realized that there was tiny ants in the cookie batter.  I didn´t
know what to do and mentioned it to Hermana Holland who mentioned it
to Clara.  She literally said. Oh nothing will happened and we made
them anyways.  And yes we did eat them.  I laughed because it was our
little protein boost J hahah  oh man I can´t believe we did that.
Later that night or the next day, we were planning for the night and
the day and in comes a flying cockroach.  Yup it was pretty enormous
and it brought a lot of screams, but I knew that this was my moment to
shine because I always am the bug killer and I totally killed it with
my shoe.  It was literally super big and super hilarious.  Hermana
Alailima was really chill and told us that we wouldn´t make it in
Hawaii.  AT that point I decided that I will always live at a higher
elevation and where its cold.

One last thing.  We had district conference this week where President
said something I really liked.  He talked about obedience to the
members and it was a great reminder to me.  He said that yes we can
break the little rules, like reading, praying, tattoos, not having
family home evening, more than one piercing, immodesty, gossip and all
the little things that are tempting to do and he said  if we don´t do
these things we can  still be a good person, but we are not obedient.
I really liked that and it gave me a great reminder.  Yes I can choose
not to follow a simple commandment but I am not obedient and not
showing God that I have the faith to do what´s right.  I have learned
and keep learning a lot about the importance of being obedient.  Put
it simply, obedience is always the better choice.

Also this will be a great tool to use on my future kids. J I love the mission.

Well I love you all and hope you have a great great week!! Puerto is
the greatest and I am loving it here.  I am super busy and hardly have
time to think about my family but it’s always great to know that you

are here!  So thanks J

A butterfly?! 

Parking lot at church!

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