Monday, October 26, 2015

Appointments should always fall thru....

Hey family!!

Well this week was a great week work wise!!  WE had a lot of success
and found a lot of new investigators and we are working really well
with the members.  I love it here.  Even though the heat this week was
unbelievable and I ended up, out of desperation, praying for rain, we
fought through it and just had a busy week.  I love busy weeks because
it means that we also have a lot of appointments for next week and I
can honestly say we have every hour planned for the next 7 days after
today.   Yay!!  WE are so busy! But it will be fun.  Also it did rain
after I prayed so I just know that God is aware of us here in Puerto
in the middle of the amazon far from everything J

WE have been teaching a less active name Nayeli.  She is 13 years old
and so cute!  She really has a desire to come back and re learn what
she was taught.  She was baptized at 8 years and really has forgotten
a lot. We taught her the first lesson the restoration and challenged
her to read the Book of Mormon and pray about Joseph Smith.   She
agreed to do it but was a little hesitant.  I asked her if she had any
doubts and she was so sweet and sincere when she asked us that if she
prayed would God appear to her like he appeared to Joseph smith.  It
was such a sweet comment and i could just see how much faith she had
and how willing she was to pray but she really wasn´t very excited to
have a vision.  J  She´s so great!  We explained that she wouldn´t and
that God would talk to her in other ways.  She seemed to be satisfied
with that.  Later she asked what she needed to do to be a missionary
like us.   I could honestly see her as a missionary in this moment and
I felt so blessed to be able to talk about being a missionary.  It
really has blessed my life and helped me understand better my purpose
for being here in this life.  I understand now who i really want to be
and what kind of life I want to have.

We witnessed a miracle this week on Friday.  We had an appointment
with  a family but it fell through so we decided to look for a
referral of a less active.  Her name was Anali and we only had the
street name and what her house looked like.  As we found what we
thought was it we asked the neighbor who lived there while we waited
for a huge dog to move from the front door.  AS we contacted this lady
who was actually super cool and a future investigator the dog moved
and we were able to knock on the door.  Anali answered quickly and
invited us in super fast.  We shared a quick lesson and thought with
her.  After she expressed to us that just minutes before we had
knocked the door she was sitting on her couch feeling lonley and sad.
She said a prayer that God would send her someone to give her peace
and comfort.  Minutes later we had knocked on the door.  It was such a
great experience and really strengthened my testimony that the Lord
is really aware of us and he knows us.  Its so cool to be His hands.
I feel like Anali is going to progress a ton and I know that the
restored Gospel is just what she needs.  AH man I love being a

Then  the day after that another appointment fell through so we
searched for another referral and were about to find her and teach
her.  Her name is Juana and she is a little grandma.  She´s so great
and has such great faith.  We taught her in this little park and even
though it was kind of noisy I know she felt the spirit.  She accepted
another visit and we are also going to stop by and pick her up for
church.  Her daughter is a member so that was a really cool
connection.  I feel so blessed to be able to have met her and Anali
this week.

And then yesterday we contacted a SUPER COOL FAMILY!! Yes I have been
praying for family that we can teach and help.   I know God answered
my prayer with this family.  He is from Chiclayo which means he has a
really awesome accent and his wife is from Ayaviri.  WE talked to them
for awhile because a appointment fell through…… maybe appointments
should always fall through…. Anyways they were so interested in the
gospel and had a million questions for us.  They invited us to a ton
of mangoes which is basicially another answer to our prayers because we
didn´t have any food for dinner that day and we couldn´t buy
anything..  But anyways it was just a really awsome experience.  I
feel like the Lord is so willing to bless us if we just show Him that
we are willing to work and do what he has asked.   He´s so amazing.

Well I hit one year this week and I´ll have to let ya´ll know that
time is flowing by and I cried because I don´t ever want to hit my 6
months left mark……  It has been the best thing I have ever done and It
has been a year of miracles.    I will never forget what I have
learned in my 12 months away from my family and I can´t wait to learn
even more.  I have a long way to go and I have a lot of goals that I
have accomplished yet.  I know that there are more things that I need
to do out here.  I hope you young ones really think about a mission.
It may be the scariest thing you have ever done but It will be far
more worthwhile.   I know that the Gospel is true.  It brings a
happiness that cannot be desc ribed.   And it will truly help us
become all that our Heavenly Father knows we can become.  Love you
guys so much! J

Con amor,

Hermana Russell

So the pictures are from our new investgator Liz.  SHe has a huge mango
tree and we were so happy to help them knock them down.  Perks of
being tall in Peru :)and also the zone getting the best smoothies in

town :)

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