Monday, November 2, 2015

A Scary Halloween

Hey family!
Its been a crazy week this week.  I am on kind of on a sketchy
computer so I have decided not to plug my camera in.  So even though I
saw a monkey this week I will not send pictures.
Oh and good news from Puno:! Our investigator Juana got
baptized!!!!!! I am so happy for her. 
The pictures were super cute and it just was so exciting to see her
finally in the waters of baptism!
Well just in time for Halloween I got your packages!!  I loved all the
letters and especially when Hannah said “Enjoy the treats” and there
were no treats….But I enjoyed all the letters from yall and the young
women.  The young women are the best!
Also the jacket is so cute and it came just in time.  It has been
raining off and on for the past couple days and it has been so nice.
The only problem is that it’s kind of chilly and we still only have
cold water.
Also I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the five greatest people ever.  I
can`t believe how old the twins are.  That is just crazy.  I am glad I
will miss their first stages of driving and I expect one of them to
drive me home from the airport.   Wow….
This week was super busy and Î am happy to say that next week is too.
We are the only missionaries in the branch and sometimes I feel
Over whelmed with how big our sector is and how much we have to do.
everyone needs a visit from us and we made a goal this change to visit
all the members at least once.  I think people here just need more
love and love and love.   So we are going to just love them so much!
WE got caught in a crazy thunderstorm this week. Here  it can go from
sunny to downpour in one second and that’s what happened.  We were
running to someones house to visit them.  We got all soaking wet and
then we got there and the power had gone out.  We just sat in the dark
until the rain died down just a little.  wE couldn`t hear anything and
it was just crazy.  wE cut through a huge swamp this week and I was
really wishing I had some duck dynasty duck hunting suits.  You know
the real nice ones that are like overall… that`d be real handy here.
Since then it has rained almost every day.   We are loving it because
now I am just wet from the rain and not from sweat…..  but when the
sun comes out everything evaporates super fast and then you feel like
you are swimming.  Its crazy.  O Puerto… I love you.
This week we helped the other Hermanas of Puerto clean their new
converts house.  It a very humbly experience for me.  He, right now,
is sick and in the hospital.  He`s not doing so well and the doctors
don`t know what he has.  We decided to help him by cleaning up his
room so that when he comes home it will be all nice and fresh.  Hîs
room was a really small, I would say the size of the laundry room at
home and it was all dirt floor.  About half the room was just junk
that we tried to organize but stopped halfway through due to the
amount of spiders that we found.  WE saw a tarantula and three bull
frogs behind the dresser and loads of dirty laundry.  It’s not that he
is lazy but he cannot walk and he is pretty old.  His family has
abandoned him and really no one is looking after him.  It was a very
humbling experience.  We were able to make only  a dent but I think we
are trying to get the ward involved so that we can lay down cement and
get him a new mattress and sheets.  It was a great service and we
laughed because it was actually a pretty scary Halloween.
Well everything is going good here.  I have great health and a great
companion.  wE are super busy and we are loving it.  Its not too hot in
Puerto so I am happy.   This week I ponderized 2 nephi 22:2 .  I love
this scripture because it’s just perfect.  Christ is our salvation and
our strength. Put your trust in him and he will be with us.   Î love

you guys so much! Have a great day and week!

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