Monday, November 9, 2015

Primary Program in Peru


It was so great to hear from you guys this last week!  I love hearing
about the little fun and normal things that you guys do each week.  I
had to laugh at Ellie and grace´s birthday dinner…. REALLY?  Why don´t
you come to peru and eat rice for a year….  You guys should go on a
mission and then you will really appreciate moms good cooking and
options… you will appreciate options.  Mom asked how I teach with
power and authority.  I think it comes from preparing and trying to
have the spirit with you.  Everyday we have two hours of preparing for
the appointments we will have.  I try to study for someone with the
spirit and then when I am in the lesson I also try to follow what the
spirit would have me say.  Sometimes its totally different and I have
to be super ready to do what the spirit wants  me to.  Its kind of
cool because some lessons go really well and they were completely
unplanned.   I am sure that you were set apart mom and that you have a
power and authority to teach and help those in the relief society.

Yes sophie fasting in Puerto is super hard but I think the lord always
blesses us with a cloud covering or a fairly easy day.  The first time
it was super hard but the second time was better.  I tried to be happy
when the branch leaders planned to fast next  week together for some
families.   I am happy… I am really happy.. its going to be great!!! J

I laughed because everyone mentioned Michael Jackson this week and you
guys don´t even know what kind struggle it is.  For the past month we
have had workers working on the house we live in.  They are building a
huge roof which recently they finished and then another apartment next
to us.  Its been pretty loud and annoyoing but the worst is when they
play Michael Jackson music or any popular old time songs….and we are
studying… I just want to get up and sing and dance but I have to say
in my head.. sacred thoughts sacred thoughts… Its been so hard but I
think they will be finishing soon and I can always blast the hymns in
cello version.

Also for day of the dead we didn´t really see anything.  Everyone just
goes to the cementary and outside of the cementary they have a huge
fair.  J

Well this week was really fun but also really hard.  We laughed a lot
but we also walked around a lot.  But it was super nice weather.  It
rained all day and cooled Puerto down a lot.  It was like a tender
mercy.  But it was frustrating.  Also for news of the week my old
companions Hermana Campoverde and Hermana MInaya are Hermana leaders!!
I am so excited for them.!!  I love them so much and we still keep in
good touch.  They are my favorites.

We got caught in a jungle storm this week and we were drenched in a
matter of two seconds.  We also realized that although are bags may be
water proof they are definitely not jungle proof L it was kind of
disappointing and now everything smells like Puerto.

We have continued to teach Nayali.  She is doing great.  She came to
church with us and I am uploading a photo to dropbox right now.  She
is so great.  WE also have plans to rescue a family this month.
Marisol and Benito are awesome!  They have come to church three times
in a row and they are just amazing.  They always love when we visit
them and their kids are active and doing great.  And we are also
visiting a family named Gloria and Miguel.  They are from Chiclayo and
they are so awesome!!  I love  visiting them.  They make us laugh and
are always willing to receive us.  They are great members they just
don´t come to church.  I think they are passing through some really
hard times so we just stop in and try to bring the spirit into their
home.   I will try to get a picture of them soon.  They have boys that
are trying to go on missions and we are in the process of helping them
 get ready.

This Sunday we had the primary program.  I got to say that it was
pretty great.  One of the girls recited all the articles of faith
memorized.  It took a real long time but she did great.  My favorite
part is when I played piano for them as they sang the primary song for
this year.  We had practiced the day before and I was thankful that it
was an easy song. But as I started to play I realized that they really
didn´t know how to follow along with music.  They didn´t hold any note
for four counts or even two and they just kept singing.  I would try
to play the little notes between the measures but they would just
start singing the next part.  It took me so off guard that I just had
to stop and put my head down.  I started laughing so hard I was
shaking.  I was behind this whiteboard so no one could see but man I
didn´t want them to hear that I was laughing so hard. I was just so
caught off guard.  It was so crazy.  And while I was sitting back
there shaking they just kept singing.  And man do they know how to
belt it out.  Anyways after running through it one time I crossed off
all the notes that I would just skip over and I made Hermana Alailima
sing really loud so that they could follow along.  For The actual
performance they really did well.  It was great! Primary programs are
great all around the world.

Well I am running out of time.  I loved this week and was able to
teach the young women in church yesterday. It was so fun to be with
them.  I hadn´t planned a lesson so we talked about how special they
are and how they should really set some standards for their future
husbands.  I made them all write down what they wanted in their future
 husbands…#notsotypicalmissionarylesson  but it was actually pretty
darn great.  I feel like sometimes people don´t ever tell them how
special they are and how they actually need to put their foot down and
stick to their standards.   God loves them and wants the best for them
and I do too!

wEll If I learned anything this week it would be that we all need to
just treat and love everyone better.  Everyone is going through hard
times and sometimes we just don´t know that something we´ll say can
really offend them.  Being the confidant of many people I sometimes
cringe when I hear others talking bad about them or saying mean things
to them and I know what they are going through.  Its so hard.  But you
just have to love everyone and try to see them as who they are and how
God sees them.  Its something that I know I need to work, but I am
grateful to be able to be a missionary because I feel like I really
get to practice a lot.   Well I love you guys a lot and hope you have
a great day! And week!

Love Hermana Russell

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