Monday, November 16, 2015

Missing the Temple

November 16, 2015

Hey fam fam!

This week has been really quite great.  It ended on a really good note
with three investigators in sacrament meeting and two families of less
actives that we are teaching!  I love Sundays because Its kind of the
finale of your week and Its usually always rewarding. In some way.  So
I got your Christmas package this week.  Don´t worry.  I didn´t open
anything I wasn´t supposed to.  I am super excited for the decorations
and the advent calenders! They are so darling!  I love Christmas and
Christmas in the jungle is going to be the best.   wE are hoping that
we don´t have changes before then.

I think its so cool that you got to meet Hermana Holland.  She was a
great missionary and really helped me become who I am today as a
missionary. I will always admire her.

I am so jealous of the radio show!!!  Wow you guys are so cute and I
can´t believe how far mom has come in the football scene.  To think
that she wanted to leave a game early when she was recently married.
Wow!  Dad picked a good one J  Also proof that anyone can change.  But
really it sounds like a great football night.  I still think we should
do a football themed basement with framed jerseys and now a signed
football.  That would be really cool..

Well mom asked about our relief society lessons.  They are a little
different than what you would think but its still relief society.  wE
are using the Ezra taft benson manual and yes it does translate.  It´s
usually a great class but sometimes I need to bring popcorn because it
just gets really off topic.

Um yeah.  I just want to express my gratitude to mom and dad who are
always faithful in writing me.  You guys rock.  I have the two
greatest parents ever.  and for Shelby.  She never fails me.  She is
the best. And for the rest of you I can see that you are all too
gorgeous and popular for your little sister in the jungle.  J but
seriously you guys need to stop being so great.  I can just tell you
guys are becoming amazing young women.

So this week we had a not so regular zone meeting.  WE went to a
backyard and had a tree of life activity with the iron rod.  It was
super well done and super fun.   Hermana Miceli and I fell off first
but in my defense  it wasn´t my fault.  She took my blindfold off.
But we spent the rest of the time tempting everyone else to fall off.
It was a super great experience and after we got the opportunity to
repent and receive the fruit of the tree of life.  J  our zone leader
is ending his mission this Thursday and so he bore his testimony and
it was super powerful.  It made me realize that the mission is the
greatest thing and I am so blessed to be here.  I hope the next months
pass by really slowly.

We found a family that is so great!! They are name Lucy and Washington
and they have a little son.  They are from lima and live right next to
the temple but they live in Puerto for work.  They don´t have any
family here.  wE taught them for the first time this week and it was
so great.  They live in a cute clean little house and their little son
can talk forever!  They were really receptive to our message and I
can´t wait to keep working with them.  The hermanas in another sector
contacted them and then we followed up but it was sure awesome.  It
was an answer to my prayers because I wanted to find a family that we
could work with that could progress.  I just know that they are the
ones that can do it.

wE are also working with a new family of less actives who are awesome.
They are a great family that just need to be reminded of their
covenants.  They came to church and it was so great to see the whole
family there.  We met with them after church and taught them the plan
of salvation.  I think we can rescue them for December and the dad can
be worthy to baptize his little girl who just turned 8. J  they also
gave us the best food I have ever had and I love visiting them and
they love having us over. J  families like this one make me love being
a missionary.

So this week I really missed the temple.  I love the temple and I love
being able to think about my covenants and feel such a protection from
them.   I wish everyone could make it to the temple and I can´t wait
to live closer to one.  I hope that we take advantage of the temple
because its something that is so precious and amazing to me.  J  I
can´t wait to be inside of it with all of you guys one day and I am
going to make a sister temple day so that over the years we can still
get together J  I am so grateful for you guys.  You all rock and I
hope you have  a great week!

Les amo más que la lengua puede decir,

Hermana Russell

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