Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7

Hola famila,

Well this week I don´t have much to say, sorry that this might be a
little short J

I got your packages this week and it was literally the best to open on
Sunday!  Thanks for all your support and love.  It’s seriously the
best.  My birthday passed really well and it was super fun.  The
companion of Hermana Campoverde had to go to Cusco so we are in a
trio, which means I was lucky enough to spend my birthday with two of
my very best friends in the mission.    Hermana Yrma surprised me with
my favorite meal and later in the night we had a family home evening
and thanks to some Peruvian traditions I got a whole lot of cake
smashed in my face. ..

This week was a hard week but we had a lot of success.  We are finding
lots of new people and the ward is progressing a lot.  I love being a
part of it and seeing how the ward is really making a difference in
the work.

Cirilo recieved the priesthood this week and he is really doing great
in his progression towards the temple.  He is going to be in charge of
blessing the sacrament J  we are happy for him but sad because his
wife is replacing someone for a month in their work and hasn´t had
time to come to church or recieve the visits.  Its been hard but I
know that Cirilo is a good example for her and that pretty soon she
will have more time.  Cirilo asked us at church who the wicked people
were, Hermana Minaya explained that it was people who didn´t do good
things.   And then Cirilo said, Oh like Hermana Nieves….. hahah J
He´s pretty hilarious.

Well that´s about it J sorry for being super boring but I just don´t
have very much to say J

Oh one more thing.  The son of our bishop  is trying to go to BYU in a
year to study..  But with the program that he is going through he will
need a sponser.  I don´t really know a ton about it but they asked me
to think about someone for them.  From what I understand you don´t
have to pay but I don´t really know. He´s going through pathway.

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!  Thanks for all the love and support.

Con amor, hermana russell

I promise to write more!!

And p.s. I might have cut my hair…J

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