Monday, March 21, 2016

Alive and Well

March 21, 2016

Hola familia!

                I am alive and doing really well. This week has been
super busy and crazy.  Because of Council and Tuesday and the exchanges
Hermana Borja and I have had two complete days together.   I miss her!
Haha But yeah this week was pretty great and the exchanges are only
getting crazier from here.   We are inviting all the Hermanas to our
sector to help us and also visiting their sector.

Bueno, this week was concilio (mission council).  We were asked to come in our normal
clothes and bring Pday clothes.  When we got there we all changed and
had the concilio in our Street clothes.  It was super weird.  Right
before lunch we all brought our chairs outside and then walked outside
and down a Little ways off.  President lives on a hill, kind of like
the cabin, anyways so we walked down a hill or two and stopped.
President then told us that we would have to walk back up to his
house, but with our companion on our back.  If we got tired we were
told to switch, but we could not move forward with out one of us on
the back of the other.  So we all started.  Most of the elders took of
running.  We took it slow with the rest of the Hermanas.   Well as you
can imagine it was very difficult and tiring.  We took turns carrying
each other up this long hill and wow when we finished we were so
tired.  Our arms were so weak that we could barely drink wáter.   My
whole body was shaking and just exhausted.  We all sat in a circle and
President asked us what we thought and the analogies that we could
create.  We talked a lot and President then read us a story about a
pioneer that crossed the plains with the Martin handcart company.  He
was a in a group of men who started criticizing church leaders for
allowing the company  to cross and suffer all that they had suffered.
This pioneer responded with his story and at the end said “the price
we had to pay to become acquainted with God was a privilege to pay”.
President then talked to us about the trials that we will face but
that it is necessary that we are tried in all things so that we may be
prepared for the Glory of God.  D&C 136:31.  I learned that our trials
really do help us be prepared for Eternal Life.  Without trials we
would never progress or become like our Savior.  There is a new video
that the church has put out for Easter.  If you haven’t seen it you
need to see it.  I have been thinking a lot about the Savior lately
and everything that he had to go through.  I think that many times we
want to be like Him but we don`t always want to pass through hard
things or take on the adversity.  But in order to truly become like
Him and to develop the attributes that He has we have to be willing to
go through a small small portion of what he went through.  We cannot
be perfect with our trials and we cannot expect to become like our
Savior if we do not accept all the trials, afflictions, problems, and
tests of life.   We must be tried in all things.  How grateful I am
for the Savior.  He allows us to pass through hard moments but he
never leaves us.  He passes through them with us.

Love you guys.

Hermana Borja, Emma's companion.

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