Monday, March 28, 2016

Working hard

Hey fam!
We had a great week!  Its been super fun and full of laughter.
Hermana Borja is super awesome.  What I like most about Hermana Borja
is her ability to improve and to help me improve.  We are always
looking for more ways to be obedient or to develop Christ like
attributes.   She is a hard worker and we literally run from
appointment to appointment.  I love her!   We are super busy.  We are
trying to visit every companionship twice.  WE had to double days
twice this week and man it’s so tiring but it brings such great

This last Monday was zone pday.  We hiked up to some waterfalls but
when we got almost to the top the pathway was blocked and we couldn't
actually make it.  J But It was super pretty and for once in my entire
life i actually enjoyed the hike! Whooo!!  We had to cross some mini
rivers and I fell pretty hard.  My hand has been super black and blue
but now its all better.  It just gave me an excuse not to do burpees J
 When we found out we couldn't go all the way to the waterfalls we
stopped at a field and played soccer.  Literally my skills are
improving a ton J It was super fun! THe zone is getting more and more
united which was a concern of mine.  We werent at all close but now
everyone knows each other pretty good.

 Even though it was Easter this week it didn't really feel like it.
But we did see lots of people walking around with cactus`s on a
string….. I don't know why but it made it awfully hard to contact
them.  We could just imagine them rejecting us with their “pet
cactus”.  But the Womens conference was the best!  Especially when
about half way through they decided to turn the projector on…. Haha J

Yeah Bueno.  Im super sorry I don`t have much else to say.  But I will
share one more story.  The Hermanas that also work in the Ward
recently rescued a family.  They live up in the mountains of cusco, (
I sent photos through dropbox).  Anyways they are super humble and
dont have very much.  The sons name is Valentin and he it was his
birthday this Saturday.  Tons of members pitched in and gave us gifts
to bring to them.  Among them was a laptop with church movies, a
skateboard, Nike shoes, and lots of clothes for him and his Little
sister.  WE offered to help deliver these gifts which included hiking
for about 45 minutes. ( and somebody had donated a gallon of marbles
which I volunteered to carry).  But it was all worth it.  We arrived
and suprised them with cake and all the presents.  It was so cool.
They live in a adobe house with a dirt floor and one hanging light
bulb.  They were so happy to see us.  We ate dinner with them which
consisted of Cuy (whose name was Adam) and worm infested potatoes, but
we felt good inside.   There are amazing families and members here.
They  serve one another with such love.  Its so humbling to see how
someone lives and to think about my home and my things. Really I
learned Saturday that some things matter much more than others.  I
studied Mosiah 1-4 this week and was touched by the words of King
Benjamin.  We are all in debt to our Heavenly Father.  He has given us
everything and because he has given us much we too must give.

Well I love you guys un monton!! J I love this work and I love My
Savior.  How grateful am I for the Restoration of His church.  It is

the biggest blessing in my life.

Zone pday hike

Adam's Paws ); Cuy they ate for dinner

Hike to deliver birthday gifts

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