Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Family is Very Important in My Life

Hola familia!
   How is everything going today? Thank you for all the emails and love!! I just love you guys so much!! I literally have a thousand emails from you guys!! Poor people sitting next to me get like two.  Awkward!!  Oh did you look up that fruit I told you to? You just have to!
   So how was Halloween? Who won the contest at the Bitners?  How did Ellie and Grace look? I am hoping there are pictures on here!! And I want to hear all about your costume mom!! And you Amee!!
   So last P day was kinda crazy! We got lost in Lima and took three buses to get back to the CCM! But the temple was beautiful! It is so small, they don´t have a chapel and the room holds 25. The sealing room which is part of the celestial room holds about ten.  Also today I saw the old old old movie.  It was quite interesting.  I think it would have been better in English.  After the temple we got Spanish scriptures and the cutest cases ever.  The temple store is awesome here.  I bought a soccer jersey at Garajes. A Peru one! Sophie the jerseys are like 8 dollars here, so tell me which country you want.   The Messi ones are so cool!!  They have a shopping place called Totus here, I bought sticky tac and hung up pictures of everyone on my wall next to my bed.  Each night I fall asleep looking at all you lovely people and it makes me so happy.  I read dad´s last paragraph to me each night.  Thank you for that letter dad.  It gives me so much peace and happiness!
  We taught our first investigator last week.  It went really rough and I have to say I was pretty frustrated.  It’s hard to teach a lesson in a different language.  It’s also hard to be at a loss for words.  You can prepare a lesson all you want, but sometimes you don´t know what they are going to ask you and you know the answer in English but it’s not there in Spanish.  That is very frustrating.  But we taught a lot this week and each time it gets better and better for me.  I can now say kinda what I´m feeling in broken Spanish.   One lesson we sang for our investigator.  We weren´t planning on it but we did it anyway.  It actually turned out well and brought the spirit.  Although Sophie if you were there you probably would have laughed at me.  The Spanish hymns are beautiful.  You guys should try singing some!!
    Okay for the first time in my live I kinda rolled my R´s!! It was awesome.  It’s not very smooth and I don´t do it when I´m speaking yet, but I´m practicing every day.  I´m pretty sure I sound like a star wars character.
   We went to migration this week for visa stuff.  It took six hours in the most sketchy  building you have ever seen! I was so tired by the time we were done.  We waited in line the whole time and then handed a stack of papers to a person.  It felt like a DMV of Peru!!  Also the traffic here is insane.  Like the roundabouts don´t have any lanes and I’ts just a free for all.
  Our teacher Hermano Davalos, finally spoke English to us!! We knew he could do it and it’s really good.  While he was talking, Hna Cooper said wow your Spanish is really good...   and he was like  thanks I have been practicing for 25 years. She totally meant to say that his English was good.  Hna Cooper is hilarious!!
  One night we practiced door contacting with our district.  I was the missionary first so I had to knock on a door and some from my district was behind it.  Well I knocked and Elder Ludlow jumped out in the window of the door.  It scared me so bad and I totally lost my train of thought.  He said he was an athiest and he would not let me in... It was the worst! haha I´m pretty sure that I didn´t say anything comprehendable to him.  Oh fun fact.  As my Spanish gets better my English gets worse.  I can never speak right at all.
   Fast Sunday is awesome here.  We don´t have dinner the night before or breakfast on Sunday.  But we have a huge feast for lunch! They gave us CHURRos filled with dulce de leche.  They are the best thing you have ever eaten in your life.  The food is still good but I can´t eat any more rice.  I keep asking for menos por favor and I can never finish it. CCM rule finish everything on your plate. So no more rice for me.  Also we watch old mtc devotionals which are hilarious and sometimes old BYU basketball players say the prayers
  We got new hermanas this week on Wednesday so I am no longer in the beginner class. We are the intermediates.  I can´t beleive I have been here for so short of time but it feels like so long.  The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days.
  We went to interpol this week for more visa stuff.  They had to get all our fingerprints and then check our teeth.  Again super sketchy place, but we passed time by playing games like am I a witch and the camping game.  They are so funny and I can´t wait to play with you guys.  Don’t look up the game or it will spoil it.  We have an elder from England here. Elder Quenes, he was playing the witch game and all the Peruvians were just staring at him like he was a crazy person.  It was super funny.  Part of the game is standing up and doing random movements and asking if you are a witch or not.
  So I learned a lot this week.  It was a rough week, but I still love it here.  Sometimes I cry in class just thinking of you guys getting along without me.  I don´t know how you are doing it!
But I´m just enjoying everything about this place.  The hermanas are awesome the teachers are so great!! Everything!! My favorite thing my Hermana Villanueva said this week was Tengo Cupcake! Cause we got cupcakes on Halloween, which was the only way I knew it was Halloween.

Okay the spiritual side of things.
An elder bore his testimony in church, he just left on Tuesday, but he said What a fool he was for not taking time to study his scriptures or talk to God.  I feel the same way.  I should have studied more and prayed harder!!  WE have to fight for time to read our scriptures here.  We are given no time to just enjoy them and I really miss it.  I wish I would have taken advantage of that time while I was growing up.  so girls!! don´t waste your time doing things that are less important than scripture study!!
  Also a story was shared about an investigator and basically the gist was that each time God introduces his Son he always says, This is my Beloved Son Hear him.  and the question for us is how do you want God to introduce you! And what are you going to do to make that happen.  I have been focusing all week on developing my faith in Jesus Christ, and studying his words and the words of His prophets.  I want God to introduce me as a faithful servant who never stopped having faith or never lost sight of what was really important in live.  Someone who gave their all every chance they got.  I hope you can all think about how you want God to introduce you and figure out a way to make that possible.  Because one day we will be glad we did just that.
  A quick more thing.  I learned a valuable lesson this week when a surprise investigator  that we didn´t know we were teaching till ten minutes before, stopped us in a middle of the lesson and taught us about how you teach people not lessons.  It was tender mercy for me because I have been feeling like a Spanish robot as I have taught, and that’s not how I want to be.  It’s a challenge to show your personality, but these are real people who need to be taught in a way that is desirable to them.  After the lesson he took our notes away, our scriptures, everything, and made us teach him for five minutes, I have never felt the spirit that strong in a lesson before.  We made the message desirable to him and then he was all ears.  We were both able to add our testimonies and my Spanglish wasn´t too bad.  It was awesome.
   Well I love you all!! Thanks for all the love and support!!
Hermana Russell


 P.S.S hannah i hope your car is okay.

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