Thursday, November 13, 2014

My shoe shining, clam dip, sandy, nostril flaring, plague escaping week

Subject: My shoe shining, clam dip, sandy, nostril flaring, plague escaping week.

Hola Familia,
   It’s been a great week and I can´t believe I am starting my fourth week out here. Next week I will be advanced! I feel like my Spanish has improved a ton but the more I learn the more I find out how much I don´t know.  I´m trying to figure out how best to write these letters so pardon the scrambled and jumbled thoughts.  I have so much to say and so little time.
      Hermana Cooper is hilarious. Example I wore my fly shirt on Sunday (Emma has a shirt that is green with tiny little flies on it lets call them bees!), and half way through the meeting she said, “Hey there´s a fly on your shirt!” we laughed pretty hard at that one.  Thursday night I thought I should shine my shoes but dad you never officially showed me how, I messed around a little before I came, but the elders said they would demonstrate a lesson on shoe shining.  Don´t worry I think they knew how to do it.  We ended up shining everyone’s shoes and it was a super funny.  I guess it’s a good thing to massage the creases of your shoes, but I don´t really know. Sophie we sang Battle Hymn of the Republic in Spanish and I just wanted to blurt out in English HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON!! But I refrained, miss you, you little cuss! Sisters! Thank you for the sweet normal day to day emails they help me so much! I love hearing about your lives every little detail.  Just like I would normally hear about them.  Okay so keep up the good work!
 My companion got really sick and had a fever of 104.  Luckily for me I have avoided this black plague.  She literally looks and sounds like death.  She’s coming around but it’s been hard on the Spanish and the lessons. Saturday night we had to go in early, it was a bummer but I got a lot of studying done and I think the sleep really helped her! The elders also gave her a priesthood blessing, which is always a cool experience.  It was Elder Martin’s first time so that was cool. 
  Normal but the foods getting worse to me.  Oh Boy! I can´t eat another grain of rice but good thing they have these really great cookies you can buy on P day called Casinos.  They keep me going throughout the week.  Oh and Inca Cola! Best drink ever!  The Elders buy like 7 of the 3 liters bottles of that stuff. 
 We watch these MTC devotional reruns every Sunday.  They are usually very good and Apostles speak at them.  We watched one with D. Todd Christofferson and he talked about the worth of the soul.  Really really great talk.  And I saw my friend Emily in the choir.  She´s been out of the MTC for a while now, but it was nice to see her.  So the plague spread through the district and especially in my room.  But I haven´t felt any signs of a cold and I take my vitamins and I took zinc for a while to help. Hermana Cooper was called to give a talk in Spanish on Sunday.  She did very well and only mistakenly said pescados instead of pecados, for you non Spanish speakers, fish instead of sins.  Good thing it’s only a bunch of Americans in the congregation, because I´m pretty sure the Latinos would have got a kick after that. 
  The worst part about the showers here is the bi-polar water, It’s usually blasting hot or freezing cold.  And the Latinos take about three hours in there.  I have to wake up right at 6 to get in before they do.  But lately I have had good luck, Hna Cooper...not so great luck. 
  Tuesdays are the best here because of devotional Tuesdays night. This time we just watch another video of an apostle at a MTC devotional, where I saw another friend from school DEREK. who only probably Shelby and the rest of the roommates will know who I´m talking about, but It was good to see him too.  While we were watching the video Elder Wright went around and stole the name tags off of every sleeping elder.  At the end of the devotional he had everyone’s name tag on his jacket.  It was pretty funny and we got a kick out of it.  Tuesday night Elder Budden shared a very interesting story and I wish I had time for it.  Remind me when I get home, but all I´m saying is that don´t  let anybody shove clam dip down your pants when you’re sleeping, I guess you don´t get a goodnights rest when that happens.  Oh Elder Budden, He´s a crack up!  And Sand Volleyball, a new game we found that is even more fun than regular volleyball, I’m getting really good.  My dives are on point and we always see who can get the sandiest.  I won because I dived and my foot kicked up and poured sand in my hair.  hahah.  OH and plus I´m getting a tan! Which is exciting!
The one message that stood out to me this week in everyone of my spiritual moments, was the message, Ask and Ye Shall Receive! I struggled with the language this week, having charity and being diligent, but I was reminded that WE can always ask God for whatever we need. And he will be happy to help us.  Especially Charity, it’s a major factor in missionary work, without it I don´t think you could get anything done.  So pray for the things you need, ask for help and you will find it.  Also look up Charity in the Bible Dictionary, and realize that that kind of love is the love our Savior has for each one of us, no matter what.
    I love you all and hope everything is going good where ever you may be!!
        con amor,
                    Hermana Russell

p.s. Sophie I literally flared my nostrils this week.  I will send a selfie when I can.  TQM

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