Wednesday, November 26, 2014

One more week in the CCM

Surprise Pday is on Wednesday this week! It has been an awesome day, but it’s my last p day in the CCM and that means I’ts the last P day going to the temple for a little while.  It makes me so sad! I have loved going to the Lima Peru temple, and it has been such a blessing while I have been here.
   Well you guys made me laugh out loud with your hilarious Cougar tail story! Gosh you guys are the best, and I can´t imagine it being that cold.  Two sleeping bags, Mom?  You guys must have been true fans that night, which makes me very, very proud! It is so hot here! I have this awesome tan line on my feet and a watch tan line! Its ususally overcast in the morning but the sun always comes out.  It’s a little weird to be in the end of November and not seeing snow! I miss the cold, but pretty soon I will be in Cusco and hopefully it’s a little more Christmasy there.  But it’s pretty Christmasy here too.  The shops have lights up and trees and guess what?? The CCM put lights up on all the bushes and trees, they haven´t turned them on yet but we are all hoping we will see them lit up before we go.
    OKay so Dad! You asked if I had anything Peruvian I wanted you to look up! There are these Churros that they give us and you can buy them on the street, they are delicious! and filled with a sorta carmel like substance! They are soo good! We only get them every once in a while here at the CCM, but you should try to find them and see if it’s just a Peru thing!!
    This week has been same old same old! Honestly it’s the same schedule every day and even though it’s always fun, I am running out of things to tell you guys.
    I hope you understand from all my stories how hilarious Hno. Davalos is! I am keeping a quote book of all the things he says.  A story about him though,  This is his last district because he is leaving the CCM, so we decided to get him a tie and sign our names on the back, so maybe he would remember us a little more.  Anyways we were trying to sign it in the morning before he got to class, but we were a little slow so he showed up and Elder Augat is  trying to keep him outside and we are basically locking him out.  We are rushing to sign it and make it a surprise and Hno. Salcedo, who is my favorite person ever here, runs around the building to our window and basically sees everything!  But luckily he just laughed and I told him to keep it a secret!  Davalos loved the tie, well we think he did, he´s hard to read, but later that day he let us watch best two years!! Which is even more funny when you are a missionary by the way.
   On Sunday we watched an old MTC devotional, like always, but this time Jeffery R. Holland was speaking.  I just love when he speaks.  You guys should read his talk about Missionary work and the Atonement.  It gets me every time we watch that video.  Anyway he talked about the missionary program, and why they decided to change it and once again he talked on why missions are so hard, and how we are our first convert.  But I liked what he said, he said that if a missionary comes home and falls away from the church, there is something wrong.   He said that there is no more old life, and there is not going back to the way things were.  He said this quote but I don´t remember who said it first but "I cannot perceive losing my sheep, let alone my shepherds".  He also said that you cannot walk away from this, and you cannot ever stop living with the spirit in your life after your mission.  Elder Holland as always rocks it.  Anyways I had a whole bunch of quotes from him, but I left my scripture journal in my room.
   Yesterday was the best day ever.  We had personal study from after lunch to nine o’clock, because we were able to watch a live devotional from Provo! Elder Oaks spoke and it was really good.  But it was a really late night!  I guess none of us were exactly obedient on that day.
    Anyways, life is really good! This time has flown by and I have gotten so comfortable here.  I am nervous but super excited to get out and get going in Cusco! We taught an investigator this week that happened to be Hno. Davalos, and at the end of the lesson he gave us a little feedback and encouragement.  He said in the field that the work is non stop, and if it is not like that than there is something wrong.  I am so excited to do some actual missionary work! But I am going to miss all the friends I have made here and the teachers, and the temple!
   I just want you guys to know how much I love you all.  It is so nice to be out here and to know that someone somewhere has my back.  Will you do me all a favor and go to the temple as much as you can.   there is something powerful in being in the Lord´s house. It doesn´t matter what language or where you are at, the temple is home to me.  And each P day I have been going home.  I think of my family a lot when I am in the temple, because I know that one day we will all be in there together.   The part in missionary work that we have been focusing on is not just baptizing people but helping people come unto Christ and Endure to the End! I can see how important the temple is in enduring to the end. So keep going!
  Well I love you all and want you to know how grateful I am for you guys in my life.  Have a great Thanksgiving! Love you more than tongue can tell!
        Con amor,
                     Hermana Russell

I have a little more time today! I just wanted you guys to know how great i am doing!! Honestly I love it here! I love being a sister leader and I love the Hermanas and I respect the Elders, (because we can´t love them!) Haha  I have basically everything I need and I hardly miss you guys!! JOTA KA!  I miss you guys a lot but I never really want to go home! I just wish I could call and tell you the funny stories.
   So next week we are leaving so I don´t know when my next P day will be, but I am so excited to be going!! It’s great here, but it’s just the same every day.  OH funny story that I will share, there is a Hermana from New Zealand here.  She is the sweetest, sassiest thing and we have become pretty great friends.  But she doesn´t really understand that some of our words in America are swear words and are usually not socially accepted.  Well I like hanging around her a lot because you never know what she’s going to say.  I guess the hermanas in her district are trying to tell her that Heck is a swearword, but it slips out almost in every conversation.  She is a riot!! hahah  I play volleyball with her and some other Hermanas and Elders,  they are the intermediate missionaries which means that they leave two weeks after I do.  But we have all gotten so close, and way better at volleyball.
    Anyways I miss my family’s humor, for sure!! I think we should all come back to Lima! It’s a pretty neat city!

  Well I love you guys, and I am so thankful to be your daughter! Love you! and tell Grace to write me!! That girl is something else!

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