Monday, February 23, 2015

Every day is a Hike

February 23, 2015
Mi amores!!

                Changes are today and as of right now I have no idea.
I am sure that I will know by the end of this email.  Anyway, to not
think about that or that I am officially done with my training I will
share some responses.  I just want to first say how hilarious my
family is!  You guys never fail to make me smile and your testimonies
strengthen my own.  Please keep it up!  I read every word even if I
don´t respond to everything. Primero, Sofie! You looked so gorgeous
and I am so glad that you had a good time at the dance.  Your stories
made me laugh out loud.  Mom you asked about mud and the rain.  It
rains basically every day usually in the mornings or at night.  I am
really glad we live in Tamburco on top of a hill because all the rain
runs down to Abancay.  But yes there is a ton of mud! And yes everyday
is a hike! But we walk way faster than the natives here and they are
always impressed when they accompany us. Sofie  I laughed when you
said Mi amor!  People call us that all the time! Hahah!  Also sofie,
thank you for your story about your temple class. First off I think
that it is way cool you have a temple prep class!! If you can keep
that goal in mind everyday you will reach it!! So awesome!! And second
I am really proud of you for following the spirit and speaking up.
The temple is something very dear to me and every day I am grateful
for the things I have learned inside of its walls. It will be a great
power to those who make it there. Also always dare to be Mormon!  Even
when you are surrounded by them, It is no excuse.  And dear Grace!
You asked if the mission was the hardest thing I have ever done and
what it compares to. Well I can say that yes it is very hard and I
don´t have a lot to compare it to.  But I studied a talk this morning
from last General conference. I can´t remember what talk but he said
that when we build our foundation on Christ we will be able to adjust
to difficulties or adversity that comes are way.  I am not saying
that my mission is an affliction or a trial, but I feel very grateful
for a testimony that can get me through the little challenges that

            Well I have three Ungoogleable facts about Peru.

1.      Dogs here eat whole bones. Shadow is literally the garbage
disposal in this family and he will literally eat everything.  He
chews on the bones for a second and then swallows. According to
Sebast, every dog does this.

2.      Sometimes they have a neighborhood party where they plant a
tree in the middle of the road, cement road, hang plastic colorful
things on it, dance around it all night, then chop it down around 4 in
the morning. This may be googleable.

3.      The police here are a little different then the police in the
states. Our neighbors had a huge party the other night.  They had
music so loud playing all night long.  But however you do not call the
cops to stop it.  They don´t even think of that.

Well that’s basically all…I will think of better ones.  Just know that
I really do love and adore the people here!  They are hilarious and
have such amazing testimonies!  The cultural is a little different but
I love it too!

This week the district leader and his companion taught me how to speak
in an Argentinean accent.  I guess I´m better at it than a regular
Spanish accent because they said I sounded legit.    Spanish is
becoming a lot easier and a lot more natural.  I love this language!!
It’s so much more fun to speak Spanish. Their stories are the best
here because of the language.  I don´t know how to explain it but
things are just a whole lot funnier.

 So I still don´t know about changes which is killing me!! But
Carolina had her interview on Sunday and passed with flying colors!!
Elder Segura said she is ready to be a missionary!!  Fun Fact.  She is
just two months older than the twins!  Crazy, cause she seems older!!
But we are so excited for her!!  It has been amazing to watch the
change in her.  Granted she didn´t have too much to change but I know
that when you apply the Doctrine of Christ and read and pray every
day.  Your life will change!  I feel so lucky to have taught her and
been with her through every up and down.  It is exhausting at times
but so rewarding!! I don´t know if I will be at her baptism, but
that’s not important!  I will always remember her!

Sorry not a whole lot to write about. Transfers are still on my mind.
Love you all tons!!  Remember to continue to apply the doctrine of
Christ each day!!

  Con mucho amor,

                             Hermana Russell

Sophie's little blue truck is in Peru!  

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