Monday, February 9, 2015

The Rains Come Down and the Bugs Come In

Hola Familia!!

            This week was a tough one, but we had tons of blessings too.  Missionary work doesn´t just include working with investigators, but there is a lot of things we do for the Rama (Branch).  This sometimes, can be a tad frustrating….But I am grateful for the lessons that I learned this week.

            For responses! Every week at least one of you mentions that they are surprised I am in Peru sometimes….I have the same feeling almost every week. What’s even more surprising is that I am speaking a language.  Yes I am Peru….CRASY!  Sophie I loved your date stories and want you to know that Latinos are hilarious!  This week teaching English Class was absolutely hysterical!!     I don´t know why I wrote this in my notebook, but I think my sisters sound really wise and old…. LOVE YOU GUYS!!   If you can Grace and El, try to find Neverland or at least stop growing.   Dad: Sometimes I feel like all I am doing is planting seeds, It can be a little hard, but I know that it is a good seed but it will grow. OH and dad, last time you mentioned a really high town north of Juliaca­…. Well My trainer, Hermana Holland was born, not literally but started her mission, in a town north of Juliaca called Ayadivi.  Its 1400 feet and she was basically freezing the whole time.   Now she is really tough!

Also THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!  It was awesome! Thanks Mom you are the best!!

            Anyway for the Ungoogeable facts about Peru!

1.      Sometimes for dessert we will just have a cup of whip cream. It’s completely normal here. They usually just eat it plan….Also random fact I just thought of…Sometimes they make jello, but instead  of letting it harden and firm up in the fridge. They just drink it. So I have had plenty of Jello drinks.

2.      Flies fly slower here…. I don´t know why but they do.  I have become really good at killing them. I think me and my friend are ready to go pro.   Also with the rain brings more bugs. I don´t know how they get to the fourth floor where we live, but this past week I have killed bigger bugs than my thumb.  I just think of the commentary about camping by that one comedian and laugh because the bugs really are trying to get in.

Well that’s all folks!!

Last Monday we got together with the YSA in the ward and played various games.  Volleyball, soccer, and some other random games.  Half way through it turned into a water fight like I have never been in before.  They go crazy with the water balloons here. I now know water balloon game that is the best water balloon game ever!! Anyways there was not a inch of me dry and I guess they played gang up on the gringas, because Hermana Holland and I got several buckets of water poured on our heads.  It was thee most fun Pday I have had to date! Whoo!! CARNIVAL!

            English Class this week was way harder than expected.  I don´t ever want to be a teacher! We played a game called Papa se quema, kinda like hot potato, and If you lost you had to read a verse of the Book of Mormon in English…. Well they turned against Hermana Holland and I and always made us lose.  I ended up translating the English verses into Spanish on the demand of the Latinos. It was so hard!  But I did get a standing ovation for translating,  “Lehi lived in a tent¨.  Don´t worry my Spanish is better than that.  ANyhoo we were happy to give the materials back to Hermana Sandberg this morning!

            The elders baptized Moises on Saturday! It was awesome.  I gave a talk on baptism and two of our investigators came.  I have a picture attached!! WE were really so excited for Moises!  He seemed really excited too.  We met his sister at the baptism and now she is really interested!

            This week I studied about patience.   I found one of my favorite Book Of Mormon chapters , Alma 26!   After these missionaries have had a ton of trials, but bear them with patience  they are so full of gratitude for the Lord and Happiness!! It’s the best chapter!  I know that if we bear our trials with patience, the Lord will bless us with tons of success in our lives.  I also read this week about the coming forth of the book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 3.  I love that the Book of Mormon was written to help remind us of our covenants.  I hope we can read it every day and continue to keep our covenants we have made.  I know that If we do this we will endure to the end.!   Well love you guys so much!! Peru is great and I am loving every moment!!! Thanks for the Support!!

                                   Con amor,

                                               Hermana Russell

This is where I live!

This is Moises who was baptized

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