Monday, February 2, 2015

Choose Happy!


                How is the best family in the world doing ?  Thanks for the amazing letters and all the laughs!! I have had a really good week but also really hard.  The work has gone a little slow lately.  Not a lot of our investigators are progressing and that is really hard.   But I am still loving it and find that there is always something to laugh about at the end of the day.  Literally… there is always something.

So responses:  First I would definitely like to hear about Sophie’s dates because that just made me laugh and laugh…. How incredibly awkward!! Love you Soph!! and of course Disneyland for Mom!  Tell me all about it! Also congrats everyone on grades!  I am sure that you guys will have to help me with math when I get back.  I may be learning a language but I am slowly losing everything else.  Oh and Sophie… Love the dress!! I hope you have the best time!  Dad: water drains the same here… yes I know very boring.  And congrats to the Flinders fam!! You guys make the cutest boys!! Don’t worry Abby, you have 5 other sisters to help you out! J

                For the ungooglable facts about Peru, I will have to go with these two.

1.       If you don’t have crocks, you are absolutely not cool.  Everyone wears crocks here.  Because their houses don’t really have the standard of cleanliness that American houses do, you have to wear shoes all the time and crocks are everyone’s go to.

2.       If you don’t have really cool and pretty handwriting you are also very lame.  People practice their handwriting all the time here.  Sebast has to draw little circles and lines on his grid paper for homework… so now we know the mystery behind the reason for so much grid paper.

Yeah that’s all…. I will think of better ones.

My favorite days are the days when we have an excuse to go to English class.  Latinos are the best and are absolutely hilarious!!   Hermana Sandberg teaches English and they are the best classes!! This week we get to teach them because the Sandbergs are going to Lima!! Woo!! I am so excited and I am sure I will have so many stories to tell you guys.

                Also I included my favorite picture on the mission so far.  Somehow whenever we go on visits with Hermana Rene and fam we end up hiking to who knows where.  This time we ran into a really elderly lady… don’t be alarmed… she actually lead us in the right direction.  And Sebast face is classic….  And the other picture is Hermana Holland and I in hole.  We have a lot of adventures.

   We also had a conference this weekend!! It was great.  President Harbertson is the best president ever.  He is an inspired man and I am excited for this year.  I don’t have a lot of time to tell you all the details but it was just great.

                This week we taught the Law of Chasity to a family.  They are not married, but took the lesson really well.  WE took a couple with us to a lesson later and they bore their testimonies.  They had a similar experience, but any way, they have testimonies unlike anything I have ever heard before.  They are so powerful and the spirit was so strong.    Cesar has a little hard of a heart ,  Beatrice really wants to get married, but Cesar thinks it is a waste of time.  Anyways after this lesson Cesar decided to change his plans to travel and come to church.  They came and brought their little daughter Sophia.  I don’t know what is going to happen next, but I can see a lot of potential in this family.  President Harbertson said we need to focus on finding families and especially priesthood holders, that is how the branch will become a stake.  But this family is the best and we love visiting them.  Cesar loves to talk and tells us some great stories!!  Beatrice is so sweet and loves visiting with us.  We are really excited for them and I feel really blessed to teach them.

   Well I hope everyone is enjoying Isaiah in the Book of Mormon.  Haha  My favorite verse this week is in 1 Nephi 21:15-16.  Because it is a great reminder that we are never forgotten.  Jesus Christ will always have marks in His hands and He will never with draw from us.  It is only us that withdraws from him.  Always remember that the best life this world has ever seen was given for us.  I hope we will never forget our Savior.   This week, I had lots of experiences that strengthened my testimony on the Plan of salvation.   I am so grateful for it and I know that it is true.  I read today that the Gospel is the Plan of Happiness.  I know that right now we only need to press forward steadfastly and live what we have been taught and one day we will return to live with our Heavenly father and our families forever.  I love you guys and I am so lucky to have such wonderful support.  Have a great week!

  Con mucho mucho amor,

                                         Hermana Russell

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