Monday, January 18, 2016

Sunny Puerto

Hey familia!!!!

      So the best news that we got this week is that

1.        Jeffery R Holland is coming in February!!!

2.       And we got cell phones……HALALUJAH!!

And basically that is it….

Love, Hermana Russell

Just kidding..  what´s shaking guys !!!  Its been a great week.  It
went by really fast due to my trip.   We have been working so hard
this week that I have been getting home so exhausted.  WE go to bed as
fast as we can and literally are like zombies in the morning.   We
decided to start running in the mornings because it makes us feel so
much better.   I don`t know why I am so exhausted….  Oh Puerto…. Haha

This week the Hermanas from cusco came to visit us.  They are so
great.  I spent the day with Hermana white.  She is the best and so
great.  We shared the restoration with an investigator and the spirit
was so strong. When we challenged her to be baptized she said yes and
accepted a date for the 20 of February!  I am really excited for her.
Her name is Juliana and honestly it feels so good that someone finally
accepted a fecha!!  Yaya later we visited my favorite person ever
named Leonor!  She is 86 years old and literally still kicking it.
She is hilariously sassy and is accepting the church.  We
visited her and right off the bat she said she won`t get baptized.
She lives with members, by the way.   Anyways we started talking to
her and she said that the only difference between catholics and
Mormons is that we didn’t worship Mary.  So we talked about Mary and
shared a scripture in the book of Mormon to answer her question.
After she seemed more comfortable.  We had planned to teach lesson 2
on the plan of salvation but I felt like this lesson we needed to
focus on the book of Mormon.  I asked her if she had prayed about it
and she said that she had.  I asked her how she felt and she said she
had forgotten.   Palm in face.   #teachingoldpeopleprobs   anyways we
bore our testimonies about the restored church and the spirit was so
strong.  She said she was feeling it and it was such a sweet moment.
I challenged her to baptism and I thought she was going to say yes.
She was smiling and nodding her head…. And then she said no…. haha we
will keep trying.  She came to church and looks so comfortable there.
She is surrounded by members and even comments in Sunday school.   I
love her.  Especially when she tells me all her crazy remedies to
cure my legs.

And that’s about my week.   Changes are next week.  So we are dying.
We will probably get a change because we have been together for three.
  I don`t want to leave Puerto but she doesn`t either.  I have learned
how to love here.  I have learned about sacrifice here.  And mostly I
have learned that the Christ is the center of the God`s plan.  I
testify that he is our Savior. He loves us and he is mindful of us.
He will be with us through our triumphs and our failures.    I  love
being  a missionary.  It’s the best thing ever J

Love Hermana Russell

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