Monday, January 4, 2016

He must love us alot!

Hey family!

So I apoligize greatly for my short email last week… hehe I just
wasn´t feeling it I guess.  The good thing is that this was kind of a
boring, but good, week so I can just say what I wanted to say last

So guess what??  Next week I am going to Machu Pichu!!!!  I am
pretty pumped!!  But not looking forward to the 12 hour bus ride.  I
think I will have the company of another Hermana so that will be good.

Last week we rescued two families.  I love them so much and it has been
such a joy to be able to work with them and watch them grow.  We were
talking to one of the families this week and they have a goal this
year to return to the temple.  They are already sealed but haven´t
been back since they have been sealed.  I was so excited to hear that
J then in testimony meeting he bore his testimony about how he wants
to spend this year in the church.  Their daughter came up to us after
and asked us what she can do to go on a mission J  I am so excited for
this family because this year is going to bring amazing things for
them.    The other family was rescued and their daughter was baptized.
The baptism was awesome and they were so so happy!  They also have a
goal to go to the temple this year to be sealed.  It´s so amazing to
watch the change that the Gospel can make in a family.  It's true that
the gospel blesses the families and that the doctrine of Christ is
there to unite families and help us return to live with our father in
Heaven together.

Well then we had our Christmas dinner with President.  It was a really
good night.  Our theme this year will be Know Him, Follow Him, Become
like Him.  We have a new book of Mormon challenge and its already the
best J   We watched a new movie named Freetown and it is super great.
 My favorite quote was this “You Elders serve an all-powerful God”  I
loved it because its true!  I serve an all-powerful God, and nothing
is impossible for Him.   We had a turkey dinner which was accompanied
by plastic forks.  You can imagine how many forks started breaking and
I felt like we were back in café Rio breaking our forks over bean
burritos… haha the good old days.  Anyways it was all great. J

We finally contacted a new investigator this week.  His name is Hardy
and he has read all the way to Alma!  HE is super cool and we are
talking about baptism with him.  He is a policeman so sometime his job
gets in the way and he doesn´t have a lot of time.  But he always
makes time for the lessons and church.  The only problem is that he
can only attend at 10 and we start at 8.  We are trying to get the
branches to switch because it’s the new year, but some people have
gotten a little use to sleeping in… J  but Hardy is super cool.  This
week we were walking past the prison and he saw us from the Guard
tower,  He started shouting and waving and I thought “Who is that
maniac?” but than I was like “Hardy!!! QUE TAL?”  haah super cool guy.
  We are already planning on setting him up with a ysa and thinking
about all the girls we could bring to the lessons! Haha making eternal
families J

Last Friday our zone leaders came up to us and asked us how many new
investigators we had so far.  I told them that we had three and they
said that we all needed to get six to meet the goal of the month.  I
knew that Saturday we wouldn´t really have time with the baptism and I
looked at the Sunday appointments and we had a potential of one new
investigator.  I looked at them and I was just said yeah we can do it.
Saturday night we set the goal of three new investigators and we prayed about it
and I felt good.  I felt like we could do it.  We went to church the
next day and behind us was a lady I had never seen before.  Her name
is Leonor and she is a friend of a great family and they just happened
to bring her that day.  I hurried and made a appointment with her in
our only available hour and a little bit later she became our first
new.   As we were at this members home teaching Leonor, we finished
and they told us to go visit their neice, who is a menos active,  so
we went over there and found her with her boyfriend Kevin and we
taught him and he became the second new investigator, then we went to
our last appointment, a family we had contacted,  and guess what?  The
whole family was there and we got like three new investiagtors and
they are getting baptized the second Saturday of this month!! ……..
just kidding they're not getting baptized this month….yet. .. I just
wanted to make it sound more exciting..    But the point is that we
got 5 new investigators and met our goal and met the goal as the zone.
It felt super great.  I know that it was an answer to our prayers and
I really felt that day that God was leading us around and we could
have never planned for that.   Prayer power is the best J  Its right up
there with Priesthood power…..

Well I just want to leave you guys with my testimony of the Atonement.
I know that it covers everything and anything.  I am so grateful for
my Savior Jesus Christ who fulfilled his promise.  He must love us a
lot.  I hope you guys have a great week J

Love Hermana Russell

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