Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas from the Jungle


I can`t believe Christmas is here!!  I have loved this Christmas
season.  It has been one of the hardest times on my mission but I have
felt so close to the Savior.  I will be calling at 6 o clock peru
time.  I hope this isn't very inconvenient because I know you guys have
things going on but this was the best time.  We will be skyping from
ipads and mac computers in air conditioning.  So holler back!

Well I don`t have much to say this week.  The work has been hard but I
have the best comp ever.  Hermana Alailima is so great!  She makes me
laugh and keeps me going on.  We laugh a lot and we also see a lot of
little miracles.  I have love watching her grow up.  She speaks super
great now and teaches like a boss.  She has a love for the people that
is just amazing and loves being a missionary.  Although sometimes we
do say this line when a the tenth appointment falls through “well i`m
going to start walking back to the states…”  But its only a joke.  We
don`t really want to go home.

This week I got attacked my a thousand ants under my desk.   I really
hate ants now.   They always get me really good.  I didn`t turn the
lights on and didn`t see them.  I noticed the trash was fallen over so
when I went to pick it up I got a thousand hungry ants on my hand and
feet that bit me like crazy.  I can`t believe a small ant can hurt
that much!  But seriously I`m alright now.   Also we had a guy come
and spray for bugs all over our house.  So that will be really nice
and probably will be the best Christmas gift ever.  Also the
landlord´s dog was found sleeping on my bed.  He happens to have blood
sucking sand leeches all over him and so I serisously had to strip my
bed and now I get the heebie jeebies every time I look at it.   Oh man
I love the jungle. ..

This week we visited a very special lady who told us we were wasting
our time and that the Church should pay us for going on missions and
that its stupid that we don`t gain anything blah. Blah blah.  It
didn`t make us to happy especially because when we tried to explain
why we were here and why it wasn`t a waste of time she just talked
over us.  We ended with our testimonies and left but it left us
talking and it left quite an impression on me.   Mostly because I
don`t feel at all like that.. and I was dumbfounded that someone would
say that to us.  I studied the next couple of days about sacrifice and
it helped me a lot.  The church requires a lot of sacrifice.  But I
read a talk that said at the end of it all we will say “Was that all
we really had to do for all of this?”  Isn`t that wonderful?  We are
sacrificing now for something so great and so beautiful that we won`t
even feel like we sacrificed enough.  I found this line that I have
hung onto  you all week that says “The blessings you receive are
better that you could ever give up”  I love this.  I love being a
missionary.  It may be a sacrifice but I feel like I am getting so
much than I give or could ever give up.

I also studied about eternal families this week.  I know that families
can be together forever.  I am so grateful for our Savior that makes
this possible and for the Restoration of the Gospel.  Without those
two things we would never ever be able to be eternal.  I found a
scripture that I absolutely love in D&C  130:2  “And that same
sociality which exists among us here will exist among us there, only
it will be coupled with eternal Glory, which glory we do not now
enjoy.”  I LOVE THIS! The same family that we have now will exist
forever.  I am so grateful for you guys.  I love you with all my heart
and think the world of each one of you!  HAVE A GREAT WEEK and a very

LOVE, Hermana Russell

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