Monday, January 25, 2016

Leaving Puerto

sigh...... I´m leaving Puerto and my Hija..... AHH I can´t believe the
time has already come to an end here in Puerto.  I will be serving  in
Cusco and I am super excited for this new chapter.  I will actually be
the Hermana Lider for the Hermanas Here in Puerto so I will be able to
return. :)  I am super excited.  Hermana Alailima has been the
greatest companion.  We literally have always gotten along and its
been a joy to train her and to watch her grow.  she will have her
first latina companion but I am not even worried about her.  She is
going to do great things here in Puerto.
  Bueno this last week has been really good. but it also has been so
hot..  Its like a furnace here..
  Well this Sunday they released our branch presidency.  We have a
new president and I am really excited for this branch.  I think its
going to work a little more smoothly,  THe best thing ever is that our
recent convert, for rescue, Hermano Benito will be the second
conselor!  I was sooooo pumped when I heard this!  I am so excited for
him and his family.   We talked to him after and he thanked us for
visiting him and helping his family.  It was probably one of the best
moments ever.  I am so happy for him.  I know that this will help him
and his family make it back to the temple and be even more strong.
It was a really good way to finish my time here.
  wE also had an activity with the young women.  I love them here and
its been great hanging with them recently.  They don´t have a
president so I have been teaching their lessons.  WE had a spa
activity and I think i curled about 4 girls hair.  But you don´t
understand.... these girls have more hair than all of the russell
girls put together!  Seriously!  GIGANTE!   I wanted to cry but tHey
all turned out beautiful.  But at the end i was sweating so bad that
little drops of sweat were dripping off my eyebrows... my EYEBROWS.
gosh one little girl looked at me and said "you are shining!"  Anyways
I would say it was a successful activity. and Hermana Alailima and I
made quite a team.. She corn rowed everyones hair and I curled it.
  Yeah so last but not least is Leonor.  She is literally the best
and I am going to miss her so much.  She said Saturday night that
since she has been reading and living with the family she has felt so
much better.  I think she is really going to be baptized soon.  she
has real intent and I can see that she really wants to know.  I sent a
picture with her.
  well,  I have learned so much here in Puerto.  It has been so so
hard.  Probably the hardest sector, but I am so grateful for what I
have learned.  I have truly learned to lean on and trust in the
Savior.  He is our brother, our friend, and our Redeemer.  He is with
us through the failures and the successess.  I cant wait to tell him
thanks.  I know that everything that is wrong in the world can be made
right through His Atonement.  God´s plan is perfect and is Gospel will
help us return home.  I love you guys... have a great week!!
Love, Hermana russell
p.s.  Thanks for putting up with the ugly pictures :)
p.s.s.  Ellie and grace are not in any way allowed to drive or date.

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