Monday, February 29, 2016


Hola familia!

   THis week has been an amazing week!   First off I have to say
congrats to Sophie!  I knew that you would make it and I know you will
be a great addition to the student body!  Maybe you don´t want to be
my roommate but prepare for lots of time spent together!

Well I realized that I am getting less and less creative with my
letters and for that I am sorry.  I am trying to think of some really
good things to tell you.  And I thought of something really funny.
Sometimes we spend quite a bit of time in the airport, picking or
dropping off Hermanas.  Not only from the mission but future hermanas
and Hermanas that are returning.   You have to understand that even
though Cusco is very developed there are still people from the “campo”
like they still live in little houses without running water and things
like that.  There are actually quite a bit of little towns outside of
cusco that are like pueblos.  Anyways once in a while at the airport I
have the great pleasure of witnessing people´s first encounter with
modern technology.    My favorite piece of technology is the
escalator.   The airport has one escalator that only takes you up
stairs and as you imagine it can confuse many people.  Think “Elf” but
with a mix of peru.  My favorite experience that I have had so far is
when I really elderly Peruvian lady,  they are called Panais
(quechwa), approached the escalator.  She took one step on, then
turned around and sat down.  She rode the whole way up sitting down.
When she got close to the top she turned around and with all the
energy in her tiny little body (she had to be like 4 feet  tall)  she
jumped the gap at the top.  When I saw this I could hardly contain my
laughter.  Ah man.  If you ever want to people watch I am convinced
that the Airport in Peru Cusco is the perfect place.

And something spiritual J  about four weeks ago we found a less active
in the ward directory and I felt like we needed to look for her.  We
have been looking every day since.  We always knocked on her door and
always during different times but we never found her. It was a little
frustrating.  Her sister told us that she had an accident and she was
recovering.  Last August she was in a car crash and was seriously
injured.  She has lots of pins in her legs and now after 6 months is
just starting to walk again.  We always found her sister and not her.
One night her sister suggested that we write down our number and she
will give it to Jenny to have her call us.   I was a little hesitant
because this usually means that its over.  They won´t ever call you
and when you stop by they will have the excuse that she will call you.
Anyway I had no choice but to hand our number over and we left.
About ten minutes later I receive a call from Jenny and she said we
could visit with her the next day. The next morning we went and we had
a wonderful visit with her.   Wow, the spirit was so strong and she
shared her testimony and desire to come back to Church.  She talked
about how she had been converted and the missionaries and why she
left.  I truly believe that we were supposed to find her and it was
supposed to be 4 weeks later.  The whole time that we were talking and
teaching her, I felt the strong impression that God loved Jenny and
that the only reason we found her is because God allowed us to find
her.    It is a very sacred thing to feel as if you were the Lords
Hands.  And that’s how I felt.  We left that appointment and I was
walking on cloud nine.  I felt so much love for her and my testimony
was strengthened.  I know that God loves us.   Even when we remove
ourselves from his presence, when we stop reading or praying, or when
we fail to keep all our covenants, He is still with us.   And as we
draw closer to Him, He allows us to feel this love for His children.
He allows us to see miracles and be his hands.  It is an amazing
thing.  I know that He is a God of Miracles and that these miracles
have not nor will ever cease.   I love you guys so much.  Thanks for
the support and the love.  It means the world.  I honestly don´t miss
home at all and I wish I had another 6 months. J  But I know that the
Lord will continue to use me in this great work.  J

Love you guys with all my heart and more than tongue can tell,

Hermana Russell

The Peru Cusco Missionaries

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  1. Emma,
    It's about time that your Uncle Phil tell you how proud we are of you! Mission's are not an easy thing, but as you draw closer to the Lord and become so involved they become very enjoyable and the blessings that you will reap from serving the Lord will be lifelong! We have missed you at the family gatherings, but you have often been the topic of many conversations! Once again we are so proud of you and love you so much!