Monday, February 22, 2016

What a week!

Hola Familia!

Its been such a great week here in Cusco.  Wow.  I don´t think I am
going to be able to express every thing I have felt, seen or heard
this week.

This week we had the Hermana Leaders from Abancay with us for
divisions. (it also means that next change I am going to be able to go
to Abancay!!!!).  anyways I spent the day with Hermana Baker.  She is a
great Hermana that I had met before in Puno.  She wasn`t in my zone
but we saw each other a little bit.  Anyways she trained the same time
as me and so it was cool to spend the day with her.  I was really
nervous because we didn`t have any appointments for the whole day and
we just had plans to pass by and surprise visit people.  The night
before I told Hermana Borja that I was a little nervous and later told
Heavenly Father. I told Him that I was nervous and that if He could
please fill my day with things to do and places to go.   The next day
was amazing! I have such a testimony that God really does answer
prayers. We had a day filled with appointments and I learned so much
from Hermana Baker.  THe coolest thing about being a Hermana líder is
being able to meet lots of hermanas and work with them.  I learn so
much from each one.  It’s incredible.  I feel like I am not here to
teach but to be taught and I feel super blessed.    The next couple
days passed by really fast.  Hermana Borja was sick Wednesday with a
super upset stomach.  We tried to go out but she couldn`t keep
anything down so I listened to talks by Elder Holland all afternoon.
Hermana Borja is doing much better!  We don`t know what happened but
It looked like a 24 hour flu.

anyways Friday was concilio with President.  It happens once  a month
with all the leaders of the misión.  It was fun to have our house full
of all the Hermana Leaders.   I got to see Hermana Campoverde and
spend a little bit of time with her.  She finishes her misión in two
weeks!  Crazy no?’  anyways at concilio I got to see Hermana Minaya.
J it was the best!  And concilio was great.  We had a moment just with
the sisters and Hermana Harbertson.  She talked to us about charity
and that every name should be sacred on our lips not just the name of
our family or friends.  Because we are all children of God and how can
we love God if we don`t love his children?   Hermana Harbertson is the
best and it was so great to be personally taught by her.   Concilio
was a great experience. I learned a lot about a lot of things.. hahah

Saturday was AMAZING.  For the first time we had the whole misión
together!  Wow. It was so great to see so many old friends.  At 10 o
clock we were seated in the chapel waiting for Elder Holland.  Wow.  I
don`t think  I can express everything that was mentioned or everything
that I felt.  He arrived at 12  (is plane was late)  and he shook each
one of our hands. He said he did it each to give us a interview and
see if we were okay.  Then he talked.  He walked around the room as he
talked.   It was a classic Elder Holland talk.  He talked a lot about
the obedience and the reality of who the missionaries are.  He shared
his love that he has for his misison and the spirit was so strong.  I
realized how much I love my misión.  I dont ever want it to end.  He
said that we are apostles with a lower case a and that we are the
symbols of the church.  He talked about our image of missionaries and
who we are to be.  He said that when we agree to go to the temple and
make the covenants that we do, and when we agree to stay.  We stay for
eternity.  That we never walk away from this.  It was so powerful and
so amazing.  I can truly testify that he is a special witness of
Jesus Christ.  HOw grateful I am that we have a prophet today and the
12 apostles.   This Church is the true church.  It has been restored
and I am so grateful for it.

Have a great week!

Hermana Russell

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