Monday, February 8, 2016

First Exchanges

February 8, 2016

Hola Familia!

How are you guys?  OKay so I am going to try to make this a really good letter….

We had a super great week this week!

We had our first exchanges.  I was with Hermana Cutimbo from Spain.
It was fun to get to know her and get lost in the sector because I
didn`t know my sector too well… but she was super patient with me and
we found lots of people to teach.  We have a new investigator named
Sandra.  She is a YSA and she is super awesome.  She accepted the book
of mormon and her best friend is a really solid member.  It was super

THis Sunday we had the privelge of being accompanied by Presidente and
Hermana Harbertson.  Yup All afternoon.  It was so great!  They are so
awesome and I learned so much from them.  We started with lunch and I
sent a photo to dropbox of my pension and her family with the
Harbertsons.  It was great. Then we studied with them a Little bit and
then we went out.  WE had some great appointments.  Hermana Borja and
I were super nervous though… but we made it through.  We had a awesome
experience which I will after I tell something funny that happened.

Yeah so if you remember from last year, this month, february, is
carnavales.  Which means the whole city participates in a huge wáter
fight.   Yeah so yesterday was the day of carnaval and when we were
walking down a road with President and Hermana Harbertson a car slowed
down on the side, shouted Hola and sprayed us with foam…. All over.
Like they got us reallly really good.   Hermana Borja and I were
completely covered and as we were wiping ourselves off we saw someone
that we could contact.  We tried to contact him and he completely
ignored us.  It was like he was literally deaf.  He didn`t even look
at us.  He just opened his door and went in his house with his
daughters…. Hermana Harbertson was kind of shocked that we got
rejected like.  But we just laughed.   I think today we are going to
play carnaval with the Zone.  We are looking into buying some of that
spray and whipping it out at the end.

Yeah so the spiritual experience.  When we were with the Harbertsons a
cita fell through so we decided to go to a less active that we had
looked for.  We found her house before but hadn`t been able to make
contact.  So we rung her doorbell of her apartment building and she
answered and said she would come down to talk.  But when she saw
President with us she invited us up to her top floor pent house suit
(and I mean literally).  Yeah so she invited us in.  Her name is Emily
and we had the best lesson with her ever.  Even though she is less
acitve she still pays her tithing because she wants the blessings from
it.  She is less active mostly because her husband, member, isn`t very
fond of the church.  President Harbertson talked a Little bit more
than he had in other appointments and it was so spiritual. I can`t
even put into words the spirit that we felt. He promised her some
wonderful blessings if she will start Reading the book of mormon and
ah man… I can still feel the spirit from the lesson.  Emily is the
best.  We are going to slowly help her husband and her come back to
the church.  WE are going to make brownies with her and try to fill
her house with the spirit so her husband can feel it.  J  We are so
excited and I learned so much from Pdte. Harbertson.  It was such a
great evening.

 Well I had a bunch more to write but hey what will I tell you guys in
a couple months?

Thanks for everything you do for me.  I love my family so much and I
am so grateful for the restored góspel.  We owe a lot to our Savior
and even though we won`t ever repay him we can show him our love and
gratefulness through our obedience.

Have a great week!

Love, Hermana Russell

Sister missionaries with the pensionista and her family and Pres. and Hermana Harbertson

Hermanas Russell and Borja

The streets of Cusco

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